MIleage tracking

Keeping track of mileage is a headache, but this year I have been using the MileIQ app, and it’s super easy! Check it out:

It is really important to keep track of the mileage log especially if the trip is business related. I have used so many mileage tracker apps and with MileGo, I can say that it is a very convenient and very useful tracking app. If you want to experience what I have experienced, just check this out and try it for yourself.

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We started with Expensify, but they started to charge. Just this year went with Everlance. Great automatic tracking of our miles.

I agree, MileIQ is a fantastic app that works off the vehicles magic.

One drawback is if you have your Smart Phone on battery saving. That can stop the recording of your mileage. Then you are back to the calendar and Google Maps. But frequent checks are simple and worthwhile.