Miles B Signing Service

Has anyone had trouble receiving payment from Miles B Signing Service? Did a job on6/25/21 and still have not received payment. Tried to email.

I did two signings with them last week…great :frowning: now I’m worried too…were we supposed to invoice them?

I have a friend that was owed a lot of money from him for months. She wanted me to tell you to threaten him with legal action and he will pay

I didn’t think so but I sent an invoice and copy of the signing order via email tonight so I’ll see what happens. I got a little assertive about it since it’s been over 60 days. Their agreement says they pay within 30-45 days.

So I couldn’t help but shoot him an email about getting paid within 45 days not 60. That was just today. Gonna wait to hear back.

If he doesn’t pay. I will share the negative experience with the title companies that used him. Bad business. 60 days, thats wrong.

Let me know if you hear back from your communications!!

I still have not heard anything back. I’ve left 3 voicemails and sent 6 emails and can’t get anyone to respond. June 25th was the signing which was about 60 miles away, too! I’m owed $110 and it makes me mad that he has gotten paid but won’t pay the notaries.

Did your friend ever talk to anyone or just left messages threatening legal action? How long before she got paid?

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I have not been paid for a signing completed on 7/8/2021. I have left 3 voicemails, and sent 2 emails.

That’s just wrong! He can’t just stiff us for the money - I’m sure he’s gotten paid! What a louse!

I sent an email on yesterday to both miles b and elite etiquette attaching invoices for services provided. No response as of yet. I have reached out to signing order to inform them of all the signings I’ve done with both companies and they said they were going to reach out to both companies in regards to payment. For most of the signings I’ve done it hasn’t been more than 45 days but close to it. After seeing others in my same predicament, I want to get paid for my services and have these people removed from these signing platforms. It’s a shame to solicit the loan signing agents and we not get paid but pretty sure they are getting their payments in a timely manner.

It’s been 90 days for me now. I send them an email every day. I’ll reach out to also and see what they’ll do.

Thank you. I also did the same. But I have more details to share on this. My list is growing of people too. More soon!

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You’ll never guess! I got my check from Miles B Signing! Yippee! Only 90 days later! There’s hope for you others that came after me.

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guess there is still hope for us who haven’t received anything as of yet. Did you get a check in the mail or echeck?