Mobile Fingerprinting Services

I would like to know if anyone offers fingerprinting services. I am considering this as a way to supplement my notary income. Curious about equipment, expenses and so on.

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I was thinking about it too…because here in Vegas all casino etc employees and teachers need prints done.

BUT the machines are pricey but not ridiculous yet there are soooooooo many businesses that offer it here not sure if it would be any help for me to even offer it.

Great topic!!!

I was thinking of starting out by providing the ink service for now. The fact that I would be mobile and travel to their location will provide an edge over the live scan facilities. Many individuals need service after hours and at their location. Now for businesses asking you to come in and fingerprint groups at a time the live scan equipment would be beneficial and I believe you can also provide background checks with that. I’m just thinking of the mobile ink service for now and not a huge financial investment. I’ve been told the live scan equipment is about a $15,000 investment.

I am waiting for approval for Livescan Fingerprinting. It is a expensive profession but it’s worth the expense and time, but eventually it will pay for every dollar you have invested. I did a lot of research to fine out the pros and cons on who to do business with. Remember shop around.
You may contact me.


I did that. Took a course with the state police. My equipment was around $80 several years ago. I’m only called about once a year for that service. Not a supplement for my business.

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I do allot of car closings and they always require fingerprinting. Its not hard, and an easy way to supplement income.

Unfortunately here we can’t use the ink method all the super casinos and companies are all electronic. :frowning:

Good Morning. What equipment are you using? Do you have any recommendations?

I know the ink kits are around $100 but electronic is very expensive. Here in Arizona fingerprinting is needed for almost everything now. Its a growing need.

I was interested in Livescan but isn’t it around $15,000 to invest in that?

Oh I’m not sure, ouch that is a lot!

I stopped looking into it when I realized that soooooo many places around here offer the service.

People here, I guess, just drop by their local police station. :frowning:

You can offer to do it for less afterall volume is key for instance if they charge 50dollars you charge 40 then you will undercut them and have more chances people want to save money

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I am a Mobile Live Scan Tech in California. If I had to do it again, I would have a Walk In. The equipment is $5,600, I pay $500 per year for maintenance and a fee of .70 cents per transaction to use a dedicated service provider line. It is very difficult to convince someone that the travel fee is worth not going into a Walk IN place and in my area it is saturated with Walk In. Ink can be very messy and there is a very long wait time for results. The prints can be rejected due to Fingerprint Techs error or the customer who does not have good prints, I get trickle business and some Academy schools.

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I reside down in Kirksville, MO and I found your fingerprinting mobile services on the Internet. Could you kindly tell me if there are any specific training procedures or certifications required to do mobile fingerprinting in Missouri or Kansas? I am currently a legal videographer with notary services available but would very much like to add mobile fingerprinting to my services. Getting the proper equipment is no problem but I was wondering if there were any specific certifications required or legal paperwork to qualify me to perform the fingerprinting. Any advise or thoughts would be so helpful. I know that through some research I am finding that a company called IDEMIA won the statewide bid for fingerprinting. But in my area of Northeast Missouri, they are doing a very poor job of getting the various locations up and running and staffed properly. Seem like an open door to offer mobile services here regionally. Thanks for your help. Craig

I would be interested in adding this service too. I live on Long Island, NY

Hello Everyone,
I was just offered an opportunity to provide fingerprinting services for a gunshop if I come with all the equipment, etc. I am in Maryland and am considering it, but I don’t know where to start looking for info on equipment or training classes. I know most businesses are moving to electronic fingerprints, just looking for a way to supplement and this opportunity can not only offer for their walkins, bu they have contracts with organizations requiring training with handguns, home defense classes, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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Hello: I offer all types fingerprinting including livescan. My company in California is Convenient LiveScan And Notary (aka) I started out as a loan signing agent and added livescan. When I first started I was mobile only. I opened an office a few years ago in Tracy CA. Some of the challenges being mobile only is people question if you are a legit company. You miss out on sales from companies that want an office environment. The cons to having an office is you are not as available for loan signings. Some days your livescan is zero and somedays you hit the payload and get a group. Getting the groups takes a lot of marketing. The cost for equipment in Ca is under $5,000.00. There are annual fees up to apox $1,100.

Hope this gives you a starting place.
Enjoy the day

Good morning everyone! For anyone who is interested, I am launching Notary Fingerprinting Academy very soon. I am diversified full time notary in Massachusetts and operate a very profitable fingerprinting service across New England. Getting started is simple. Outside of the right kit, confidence is the only other requirement prior to launching. Notary Fingerprinting Academy will be both virtual/interactive and super affordable. I am retired from Massachusetts Department of Correction and I have completed over 2,000 prints as a Notary. Its a privilege to share my expertise accordingly. Click my linktree in my profile description for more information. ~Adam @thenotaryshow


That sounds interesting and thank you for sharing. I do a bit of fingerprinting, super limited. I’d like to consider expanding this eventually. I actually have a question. I faced this with one of my appointments. I’d like more information on how to go about and whether there are state rules or a federal rule for when you can’t obtain a clear fingerprint for one finger due to a form of injury/scar/scab wound, ect. I’d love to know about options on what to do in this type of appointment and if anything additional would be required.

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