Mobile internet

i just setup a mobile office and my hotspot from my phone isn’t fast enough. any suggestions?

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Fast enough for what? Downloading docs?
If it’s for printing, connect your laptop and usb.
I have heard of hotspots you can purchase if you’re area is typically bad reception.

I have a totally unlimited plan with my cell carrier that includes unlimited mobile hotspot. I am also in a metro area where cell service (5g) is abundant. I hotspot from my phone and work from the laptop when out in the field. Keep in mind mobile hotspot is only as good as the cell/data coverage in the area you are working in (poor reception/coverage equals poor hotspot).

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I use Xfinity TV and Internet. With this home plan I can use any hotspot provided by any other Xfinity customer. They also have an app with map hotspots. Each one of the blue dots it a hotspot usually anywhere from 20-500MBPS. More than enough bandwidth to upload documents. Secure network, you have to use your xfinity login and password.

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No way, my hotspot is set as secured/private. Won’t let anyone else get in. Sorry.

I use MIFI jet pack from Verizon as a hotspot and it works pretty well

Additionally, if you purchase a VPN, you can “tether” from that VPN off your mobile device to another (like a laptop or shared computer) and remain secure on that network.

Changing the provider is the first thing that comes to my mind. I also use a local provider’s mobile data to secure my little network. It’s not as fast as regular wi-fi, but it’s fast enough for important financial operations and other things I need to do online discreetly.

I just upgraded to an iPhone 14 with xfinity mobile on 5G. I can use the hotspot & connect with my laptop. I scanned documents 30MB in size with no problem.

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