Mobile Printing On The Road

Does anyone have suggestions for a good low power portable/mobile laser printer? I’m looking or a mobile laser printer so that I can print loan documents while out in the field without having to come back to my home office. I picked a great smaller one (by HP) but it will not work with the 150w plug in my Ford Escape now will it work with the power inverter that I got except if connected directly to my vehicle’s batter which I don’t want to do every time I would need to print on the road.

Even the tiniest of laser printers is going to pull around 500 watts in printing. It’s all a function of the fuser roller, which melts the toner onto the paper; a lot of heat has to be transferred in a small amount of time.

I carry a mini-printer/copier (plus paper, cables, extension cord, etc.) in the vehicle. I have a 500w inverter, but I don’t use the laser without landline AC. I’m planning to upgrade to somewhere in the range of 1000-3000w.

HP HP LaserJet Pro M118dw (printer) or MFP M148dw (copier/scanner/printer) or its equivalents from Brother, Canon, Lexmark are good units. I have a Brother wireless MFC in the vehicle (don’t know the model offhand, but it’s really small).


Thanks for the information HWB. The one I got is an HP LaserJet Pro M29w and is super quiet. I’m thinking of maybe just keeping it in the vehicle and then using landline AC while on the road. Perhaps popping into a Panera Bread (when the stay-at-home orders pass) or even asking if I could print where using my printer if the people seem really nice. I hope not to need to do on the road printing very often but it could totally be a time saver and allow me to do more signings without having to return to my home office just to print.