Mobile Signing vs In-Office Signing

I was told from a Signing Service owner that in-office signings are WAY different than mobile signings. The only differences I can think of is:

  1. you don’t have to print docs for in-office
  2. there may be other parties (Title officer, realtor) present for the signing which may cause more chatter
  3. you don’t have to drop docs at FedEx

The docs are the same so shouldn’t the signing be fairly the same? What difference (if any) have you experienced and what should I be prepared for as I start doing in-office signings.


IF you are talking about a Title Co. office on an as-needed basis, make sure you understand exactly what they expect. I’ve never done this, but have heard some say they are expected to do post-closing work also.

The answer is: Well, it all depends . . . Clearly delineate and confirm expectations and the services to be provided.

Regarding additional folks present at the signing table, during the current pandemic restriction timeline, there are only signers at the signing table. A few years ago, there might be an instance or two wherein the realtor wanted to sit-in on the signing. I’d let them know that it was very important for the signers to focus on the task at-hand to ensure the documents were properly executed. Also, phones needed to be in silent mode & that conversations were to be kept to a minimum and only if needed to clarify something within the documents. The realtor would honor the request and simply observe.

My personal experience => When I’ve provided certified notary signing agent services directly to title companies for in-office work (for a few hours, for a full day, and for multiple contiguous days) it mirrored the mobile certified notary signing agent process I regularly perform.

Truly, it is an honor to be chosen to perform these services with each and every member of the title company team at each local title company for whom I perform these services.

The services I provide are identical in form and substance (excluding printing 2 sets of documents, no travel between signing engagements, and no waiting in line at the shipper location to handoff the doc package & obtain the receipt).

  • A dedicated conference room was provided for me to utilize while working with the signers
  • Title company printed 2 sets of documents.
  • For the first in-office signing I would perform for them, they’d sit in for a few minutes, but then leave once they confirmed everything was on track & progressing.
  • Besides the title company printing 2 sets of documents, they provided the pens, made copies of the signers’ IDs for the doc package, and they’d very often provide lunch (if working for several hours). :sparkles::tulip::angel:
  • Paid in full within a few days.

I do in home and I also work a few days a month at a credit union doing their closings.

I was hired by the title company, I go to the credit union, I have an office, and I do one a day or a few in a day, whatever they have for me. They send me the docs several days ahead, but I always wait before printing, in case any changes.

HOWEVER, I’m still printing the docs, I still have to go to UPS, but the UPS hub is literally next door to the credit union. These loans are only 60 pages long, and it is a notary’s dream. I lucked out and am very thankful for it!

All scenarios are different. I named my price. Hope this helps.

There are situations where you go to say the title company stay all day and they do print the docs, and take to FedEx or UPS, good luck finding one, they are out there!

Thank you for your response, it really helps! Like you said, every situation is different but I feel like I have a better understanding and know what to ask/look out for. If you don’t mind me asking, how does your pricing vary from mobile vs in-office?

That is what I thought! The tip about confirming their expectations is helpful and good to know.Thank you for your feedback

Thank you! @Arichter

Mine is the same across the board. Unless its 30+ miles then it goes up.
I keep it simple and that works for me. I’m part time and really picking about what signings I will do, and fortunately, it keeps me busy.

The exception is when I do a SBA loan, my rate goes way up and law firms seem to be more understanding of an accurate notary and what they are worth!

It won’t happen over night, perservere and do the best, highest quality work you can!

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I’ve done quite a few in-house closing for different title companies and for me I don’t really see a difference other than usually the realtor is there.

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