Mock loan documents for new notaries

I am a new notary and have been reading in this forum now and it has helped so much, especially with all the stuff to look out for so thank you.

Question: is there a place to get information to actually look over mock documents to help get fimilar with them? I’ve been reading and know a lot but trying to be best informed for everything and I know it’s different for every type of signing .


I actually bought this $50.00 book but found it hard to read. The pages look like they were photocopied from another book. There are other places to get better copies of these documents.

I signed with Loan Signing System and the taught me how to go through loan documents, reverse mortgage, Helocs PCORs etc. It helped me gain the confidence I was needing.


Thanks for the feedback everyone much appreciated .

Yes I went through LSS and got the confidence I needed, plus the how tos in the business. Highly recommend use this link

Hello! I just purchased this book; scheduled delivery is Tuesday, May 14th. I’m hoping it’s worth the investment. I’ll follow up once received. I took the NSA training course through the NNA; however, I’m considering additional training through the Loan Signing System with Mark Wills. My main concern at this point is knowing, with confidence, the five major loan documents. A mentor would be great!!

Check out how much competition in your area and please realize that business is declining before you spend any more money.

Hello Arichter! When you say busy is declining, by what percentage than the previous year? Real estate sales are up and consistent, and loan documents must get sign. Is the decline base on an increase of NSAs, a decrease in real estate sales, or a decrease in mortgage companies / lenders utilizing the assistance of NSAs? Thank you.

NSAs don’t do near as many Purchase signings as refi’s. Local buyers go to a local bank–no NSA needed–closed by local TC, so a busy Buyer’s real estate market may translate into refi’s a few years down the road–unless interest rates go up.

There have been too many NSAs in some areas for years–which causes fees to go down as there’s always somebody willing to do it ‘for the experience’. There is really no way to generalize this job across the nation as the local variables are just too area-specific on all fronts. It’s a numbers game. A large population will create both more loans and more NSAs fighting for the work.

As to cause–too many notaries willing to work for less than a livable income…newbs come & go when they realize it’s not as lucrative as they thought. R.E. Sales isn’t even a factor, nor is the number of lenders. Low interest rates are the driving force.

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I purchased the LSS system recently to advance my career. I have not been able to even get through the “Getting to know” section yet. The system refuses to acknowledge I took the 4 question survey and won’t let me complete the module. I can’t go back to it and redo it because its grayed out. VERY frustrated right now. Sent emails and posted in FB mentor section and still no contact/support.

As a experienced notary, but new signing agent, I spent days scouring the Internet for documents I could practice with. I finally found a pretty decent packet, but they were California documents and I’m in PA. I did find a good resource at Nation Consumer Law Center, but it is in book format as opposed to document format. Like many others, I’d like to make a living at this; but I don’t see the point in charging for a resource that is so valuable to new signing agents. Therefore, my plan is to take the book format, turn it into a document format and put it on my website as a free resource.

I have a couple people who are taking their time to coach me through this process and this will be a good way for me to pay it forward.

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@deihmtravelingnotary :tulip:Sweet!:tulip: So very nice to want to pay-it-forward. To save you a bit of time, have you seen this thread?

Best Wishes :sparkles:

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Thanks, I do have that one and it’s definitely helpful. Maybe I’ll post a link to that one as well. It’s a great resource. I plan to use that one tonight when I make my husband to one last mock signing with me. :smile:

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Yep, it’s the same set of references that I posted. It’s all good :wink:

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Absolutely, Bobby4913! Excellent reference information about the Loan Document set. :pray:

It’s showing that it’s your reference. :blush:

I have gained much confidence watching some of the YouTube videos of mock loan signings. Another great resource is the Managing Loan Signings Like a Pro YouTube Video. What a great resource for the newbie.

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The Coast2Coast trainings are also a good resource

Thank You for posting this. I printed and put this in my cheat sheet binder. :smiley:

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