More ways to earn as a licensed notary!


I just wanted to let everyone know that WeGoLook is currently looking for licensed notaries to complete quick, easy notary jobs across the US. Once you sign up, you’ll receive notifications for jobs as they come available in your area. You’re free to accept or decline any job for any reason and most can be completed in your spare time and according to your schedule. For more information, you can visit

*Please note that WeGoLook is in no way affiliated with Notary Cafe.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I just wanted to get the word out to any of you who may be looking for extra work.

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I checked into these folks and actual spoke to a rep. Problem here is the fee paid for services rendered. By the time you add your time and mileage, deduct you taxes you will owe, you are better off working at McDonalds.

Working with companies like this one is just a waste of time. They email me every week to perform Inspections for them. Worst yet OFFERING $20 and on top of that expect YOU to drive 1 hour each way (consider: drive time, traffic, and other factors involved). Stop making them money!!! This company charges $100s of $$$ to the Insurance Industry and yet offer the lowest fees.

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I agree with Victor. They pay too little for the money they make. I have been signed up with them for over a year. I get their e-mail notifications almost every day. They know I am a notary but they have never offered me a notary job, only vehicle inspections, occasionally accident scene inspections. Late last year they lowered their prices. I have done inspections for them (on their app on my phone) and they used to pay $20, sometimes $22, but now they are $17 or $18. They take 30 min or so at the location. If they are 3 miles or less away and I am not busy I consider it. I do very few now because they are usually not close to me and I am too busy. You have to use your phone data so be careful about taking a job at a location where you don’t get a good signal.
OnSource is another one that used to call personally and pay better but they recently changed their way of doing business to be exactly like We Go Look. They do e-mail blasts, have an app on the phone for doing the job, and pay $18 for a vehicle inspection. They have never offered me a notary job either.
Sand Castle operates a little differently. You set your own rates but if someone in your area is also signed up and has cheaper rates they will get most of the business and they are welcome to it. They give me some vehicle inspections, but mostly “chases”, which mean you go out and deliver a letter from a creditor. They don’t do e-mail blasts, they assign jobs which you can accept or reject. I usually do the assignments that they assign to me. I get $25-30. But I get very few assignments anymore so someone in my area must be doing it cheaper.
I recently did a number of building inspections for S2 Inspections. I don’t recommend them…

My experience with all the companies listed by SusanAZ is very similar, but began longer ago when they paid considerably more than they do now. I stopped doing them 2, 3, 4 years ago because they just aren’t worth it, imho.