Mortgage Co and Title Company asking for my Dl's and Mortgage Co wanting NB personal info

Part 1 - So I am confused. I have been a signing agent for decades. All of a sudden, I have a TC in PA telling me that due to their new compliance rules that I must provide them with a copy of my DL. All the information appears on my background which has been provided to them. They also advised me that Mortgage Companies are requiring a copy of my DL in order to fund their loans. Backup, I am a Notary not a Borrower. Can someone please tell me what is going on? I feel that if I give any of them a copy of my DL that would open me up to identity theft.
Part 2 - I have TC’s telling me that a Patriot Act has to be completed for non-borrowers and that I need to complete the non-borrowers date of birth and SS#. First of all, they are a non-borrower and are not signing the Note, therefore, they cannot be held responsible for repayment of the loan. Providing a SS# on the Patriot Act would be a violation of the Privacy Act and I could be held liable

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As to Pat Act completion for non-borrower…who generally signs the Mortgage–a recorded doc that YOU notarize–and so must ID non-borrower/signer…makes sense. Why they think they need a copy of your DL is beyond me and I would politely refuse unless/until they provide me with a link to said law/code that states ‘notary must provide their ID’. Which I’m sure they can’t do. Think I’d also ask for same cite on non-B’s SS #.


@mobilenotaryinohio :100: percent CONCUR with Arichter, her insights within her post, & guidance regarding the Steps to take.


I have seen companies from east coast requesting my drivers license. I write a short note this information already provided during annual background check. Haven’t heard a complaint so far.


There has been an uptick in fraud, since the economy has started to soften. This is not uncommon as I saw a similar pattern when I was a Financial Crimes Investigator. The Lenders and TCs are trying to reduce their risk profile.

Here’s a suggestion/recommendation: Never notarize a certificate unless if clearly belongs to a document. When I come across an unattached notary certificate I note on that certificate which document it should be attached. If you notarize a ‘loose’ certification without indicating what it attached to, it can be attached to any document leaving you to call your liability insurance carrier about potential fraud.


I agree with you on attaching the certificate. I created a stamp that I add to the document that references the attached certificate information and on the certificate I referenced the document attached.


I agree with @RiverpointeTax, every loose cert/cert that doesn’t identify it’s intended doc, pg __ of __ doesn’t matter, if it doesn’t clearly name the intended doc it’s meant for I have a stamp I put on the bottom of the page. It reads “Intended Attached Document” then 2 blank lines underneath of equal length to the words
“Intended Attached Document” and I write the name of the intended attached document I’m notarizing for (no one has ever complained to me). I’ve seen companies on Snapdocs I did this with that created their own box on the bottom of the loose Cert’s that said to basically please fill out to help avoid unintentional/accidental misalignment to a wrong document.

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My loose certs have, at the top in italics

“This jurat/acknowledgement is attached to a document entitled _______________________________ dated __________________ containing ______ pages, inclusive.”


Thank you LindaH, that’s a big help.

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Did you get copies from a source or use PDF software to create ? Thanx.

Created my own on Word…however original format was, I believe, from NNA form certs, if memory serves me

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