Mortgage Connect?

Just received email from Mortgage Connect. Any experience with this company?

I got the same email and was wondering the same thing.
Feedback Anyone??

I have done multiple signings for Mortgage Connect and their partner, Inspire Closing Services. They are reputable and pay on time.

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Same here, all excited, got signings right away till I got the docs. Mr. Cooper paperwork is terrible. None of the notary blocks are correct, you have to hand write in the signers names in way too many places, it was a nightmare, and not enough money to make me forget it was a nightmare. They are a sister company with Inspire, and the invoicing processing is a pain in the neck.


I do signings for Mortgage Connect only when I have nothing else scheduled. The packages are ridiculous and time consuming. You have to Invoice multiple times to get paid. However, I charge more for them because of all the extra time involved. They have periodically stopped calling me until they have a few bad closings with inexperienced notaries. Then I hear from them again. I am nearing retirement so I pick and choose very carefully. I don’t want to deal with all the nonsense that some signing and/or title companies are trying to get away with these days. And then you have to hunt them down and threaten collection to get paid! Trust me, it’s not worth it!

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I agree. I sent back five signings to Inspire tonight (sister co of MC or some such nonsense.) The balances are so high going into May this year I can no longer risk taking signings from Inspire. Once they catch up, I will reconsider. Good luck to you. I have two years left and I can semi retire, finally! :grinning:

Good luck to you as well.

Did 2 signings. Never got paid. Invoiced several times.