Moving Change Address

I learned so much from my recent move. Important item I learned is changing address online is not good enough ~ also call client or vendor. For Notary brokers they won’t respond unless you send an updated W9. UPS and credit card companies was the shocker. Even though you can change address online they will only make it active when you call. UPS and Social Security had the longest staying on hold on the phone time. Silly me I thought with today’s technologies updating online was good enough. Live and learn.


Thank You, @alice2uworld , for sharing your direct experience. :sweat_drops::sparkles:

You’re absolutely correct - shocking that online update is insufficient considering current technology . . .


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Frosting on the cake. I moved 9/1/22 and updated many contacts online and went back and called my clients. Yesterday 11/8/22 found out that when I updated online with NNA and all appears good on website, they don’t update account until you also call in to toll free number. Again online technology is terrible. Had to update my background check and that is when I found out about their process. I was not nice when I told them the process is ridiculous!