Multiple Companies

I am very new to the site (not the business) so forgive if this question is repetitive.
I have my credentials on a few different sites, that Companies contact me from.

My question is, why do I have to send my credentials every single time when they are easily accessible from several sites?

This is a pain, because many times I am only going to do 1 signing for them because I am in a rural area. So, by the time I upload my credentials, sign their forms, I am already 1/2 hour into the job.

How do you guys consolidate them all, or do you just pick your top 5 and move on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been in Lending for 30 years but only started as a mobile notary 1 year ago.


Every company does things differently. In my experience you will only have to send your credentials to a new company the first time you work for them and then possibly annually after that if you continue to do work for them to show that your credentials are still up to date since some items expire annually. It is a pain to send your credentials to companies that find you on a website where you have already listed your credentials but if that’s what they want and if you want to make money with them you have to do it.
I personally keep a scanned in copy of my credentials (notary certificate, background certification, E&O insurance etc) in a Dropbox (or Google Drive) folder that I can access on my computer and on my phone so I can quickly and easily email these items whenever necessary.

Ditto Klewis - “If that’s what they want and if you want to make the money with them…”

Ditto also - I keep a scanned copy of the credentials on my desktop - updated that file once per year with a new W9 - when they ask it’s a simple matter of just attaching it.

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Hi…I’ve asked this question about the W9 for months now on FB forums & have received a lot of different answers:
Does the date on the W9 matter? I have all my credentials in a folder ready to go, but I keep scanning a new W9 with the date I’m sending them on it. Do I have to do that? Thank you!

I would think the exact date wouldn’t matter as long as it’s relatively current - as I previously posted, I’ve always re-signed a new W-9 every January and scanned it into the folder on my desktop - it’s always been accepted.

Now unless the hiring party requests one with the current date - then that’s what I do.

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I have a Vendor Package complete with everything possible. I scanned all relative docs and store it on google drive. When its requested, it takes 20 seconds to send! Includes E/O, license copy, car insurance, business card, NNA certification, background etc.