Multiple signers on one ack - Florida

Hi all!

Quick question. If a doc is for two signers with a nicely done single ack at the end, and the lender even pre-typed the venue, physically appeared, date and both names on the ack… however, the “personally known/presented ID” portion reads in the singular… so what’s the best way to indicate the type of ID presented by each one?

The scenario I’m mentioning has wording at the bottom left of the certificate (after the ack phrase and names) like so:

[ ] Personally Known
[ ] Produced Identification
Type of Identification Produced:__________________________

I’ve done these three…
FL driver’s license and FL driver’s license
JMD: FL driver’s license SBD: FL driver’s license <-Using their initials printed by me
FL driver’s license (both signers)

Do any/all of these sound ok?

I’ve been thinking of specifying:
John Doe: FL Driver’s License and Jane Doe: FL Driver’s License,
but am concerned about space if the names are too long.

I read on the state’s page that anything left in the singular will be assumed as applying to all signers, but I’d rather be specific so no one has to assume anything.

Or am I overthinking this?

Thanks in advance!

what I used to do is “personally appeared John Doe and Jane Doe”

So for ID I’d put form of ID/form of ID
But what you do sounds fine

BTW…make sure the pre-printed cert has the proper wording “personally appeared
____ via personal appearance or ____ via online notarization”… Bet a lot of companies are forgetting our new wording

Thanks Linda!

Yup, they’ve had the RON wording too, thankfully.

The reason I want to have a set one-size-fits-all method is so I don’t skip a beat during any “what ifs”… as in, what if wife has DL and husband has a passport? If I just write: “Passport and FL driver’s license”, to me that is open to the question of who had what, or did one signer show both IDs, etc.
I think I’ll stick with the (both signers) option and switch to initials/names in the less common event that differing ID was produced.

BTW, I do keep a journal, where it’s totally clear who showed what, but again, I just want these to be crystal clear to anybody else dealing with them in the process, not so much concerned about this being contested.

Yeah…I like your system - either initials and form of ID or names and form of ID