My 1st Mail Away Closing - The Deed

Hey guys. I have my 1st Mail Away Signing tomorrow morning and as I was reviewing the docs the Deed lists both names stating that “before me personally appeared” blah blah blah. So my question is how can I sign and notarize the Deed if one of the parties has not personally appeared before me? Is this the normal process when completing the Deed for Mail Away Closings?

By “mail away closing” I guess you mean that both signers can’t be in the same place at the same time, so you will deal with one signer and send the package to another notary who will work with the other signer.

I would look at the certificates and see if they are correct for my state. If not, I would leave the certificate that came with the documents alone, and instead, attach a loose certificate for the signer who is in front of me. The other notary can then use the certificates that came with the package for the other signer.

Whichever notary uses the certificates that came with the package would have to strike out and initial the name of the signer who is not present.

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I’m sorry but I am new at this. Yes husband/wife are in different states. I received the docs from Amrock and my signing is the 2nd signing. The docs I received are blank with no signatures from the 1st signing. What certificates are you referring too? I’ve been doing signings for a little over a year now and I haven’t had anything to do with certificates. Sorry in advance for asking a stupid question.

I don’t understand how your signing can be the 2nd signing if there are no signatures. Did the first notary forget to have the signer sign anything?

About certificates. The typical deed has several pages. On the last page there is a place for one or more signers to sign. Then there is the notarial language, which would look something like this in my state:

State of Vermont
County of Rutland

This record was acknowledged before me on January 1, 1776, by John Doe and Mary Roe.

Ethan Allen
Notary Public – State of Vermont
My commission expires January 31, 2023

“State of Vermont” and everything after it is the acknowledgement certificate.

These are the docs that Amrock uploaded for me to have signed. I’m actually asking Amrock the same question and the coordinator is getting with the lender. The 1st signing was on 4/27 and mines is tomorrow 5/1, but all my docs are blank.

And thank you for the explanation on the certificates. I do not have those certificates as it may not be a requirement for the state of TN. I only use my stamp.

In every state I’ve ever heard of, there must be notarial language. It can be provided by whoever created the document, right after where the signer signs. Or it can be provided by whoever created the document, on a separate page. Or it can be provided by you, on a separate page. But it has to be there.

There HAS to be specific notary language available - you don’t just stamp without signing something - which is the certificate.

Should contain the venue, notarial wording and a line for your signature and a space for your stamp.

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I misunderstood. Yes it has that exact verbiage as every document I have notarized. Thanks!

Yes you are correct. I misunderstood the previous comment.


Have been signing for years - When I have documents where only 1 of the signers is present with me, and the other is in another location being signed by someone else, and the notarial language references both signers, I place a line through the signer who is not present with me, initial, and then sign the certificate. Have NEVER had a lender, title company or atty. send anything back for correction.


Thanks for all the replies. When I arrived at the Borrowers house everything went smoothly. The 1st signed packaged was overnighted to him with all the signatures. I didn’t realize I did not even have to print the package because it was all nice and neatly sent to him in advance.

This was my 1st Mail Away Closing so I was seriously confused, but it all worked out.