My 2 cents worth to other newbies in this business

Over the past few weeks, I have read multiple questions from newbie notaries like me on where to find business. I understand that this time of year is slower than others. One thing that has already paid off for me is upgrading my Notary Cafe membership. My very first assignment was from a title company that found me on Notary Cafe. Since then I have completed 3 other assignments from them as a direct source. I also received a call from a company today that I had previously approached but did not respond to my request to be added to their database.

Not only am I now in their database but I got the fee that I wanted without the need for negotiation.

I’m not saying that I have all the answers but I understand your pain cause I’m feeling it with you.


A excellent profile and bio will bring in business from this forum. I got several direct clients just from them finding me on here.


Thanks for the tip. I wouldn’t consider myself a newb, but no matter the business, I think we all tend to “focus” on specific parts or existing contracts, and it’s always good to at least look at other opportunities. I am currently trying to look at alternatives, and while I have been moonlighting as an NSA since college, I’m relatively new to working with signing services. I am also down to only working for a select few (3 or 4) unless the pay is worth the risk of working with a new unknown company, lol.

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Awesome forum and congrats, great encouragement to us all Notary Public’s.

Thanks for the advice.