My advice to anyone who signs as a sole income

“Special”? California??? NAHHHHHH…LOLOLOL. :+1:

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You are RIGHT ON, my friend. What do you think about the future, with interest rates being so low?? I know only enough to know that somehow, this will be a big problem but I’ll not even try and guess exactly how…thoughts?

IDK maybe I’m being naive, but I feel like this industry will always need US. I do believe we need to be prepared to work more RON but businesses save money using contractors. They don’t have to pay insurance premiums etc… Also, regardless what’s going on the market there will always be sellers, buyers, trades, poa’s, etc that require our assistance. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Yes, this will be interesting…keep us posted about what happens, I’ll be curious to know!

You did call that one!! Yep!!! :+1:

…yes, you’re right, there will always be a need for us. But, more like 2xs a week rather than 15xs a day! So as a side gig-i wouldn’t even say as part time! - we can earn a few extra dollars but no way will we ever see what we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy the past 2 years.

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I built a home a year ago in KY and locked in 2.625% for 30 years, pretty much telling me I will never be able to refinance for a lower rate. And if the opportunity arises in the future (most banks require a full point reduction and/or $100 decrease in payment to even humor a REFI) then something is REALLY wrong out there, and I wouldn’t touch it. I would just ride out what I have being my rate is fixed. The printing of money and increasing debt is what gave us the ride we had. Not to mention the Government was purchasing corporate debt. What we are seeing now with inflation/fuel increases is the Governments way of telling us they cant afford to do all of this anymore. If the value of our currency goes down, so does the Governments debt (basically).


Yes! That part I can definitely see. I only do this part time as I would go nuts trying to make sure I can pay my bills. I do hope to be able to keep this as a side gig and continue it after retirement. I enjoy doing this and all that I have learned so far!


…do you think that because of how low rates were on refi’s, this will make people decide to stay put rather than sell/purchase?? Essentially slowing down the resale market??


I do actually, mainly because these were the lowest mortgage rates in mortgage history (Never fell below 3%).

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What did I miss?? Because …discussing interest rates and how they affect us is directly related to our business, not a cross discussion.

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Hi @notarybyangela16,

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Thank you for clarifying, Katelyn

Ahhhh I see. OK. Makes sense now!

Yes, @Katelyn and I had a side bar via message and she clarified. Initially, I thought I was being flagged for “talking too much!” (which does happen from time to time) :crazy_face:


Always had a full-time very flexible job (22 years). And i agree. The days of 5-6 closings a day or gone. Did 4 total last week!

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Zoiks!!! I’m curious…Are you in a rural area?? Or urban??

I did 4 as well, but admittedly I declined quite a few and probably could have done 12-15, however I would have actually had to WORK for them, LOL… i.e., drive 20 miles (…I’m in a large metropolitan area, so anything over 10 is alot-20 miles in traffic is a frustrating 45-60 minute drive each way). But I’m trying to tie up loose ends before starting my “real” job, and just didn’t want to work that hard, LOL!

It’s very confusing. I got it too.