My first bad experience!

I received a request through Signing Order from a Law Firm. The firm is in North Carolina and I am in Massachusetts, it was buyer package. I get to the signing location and its an empty apartment as the family was leaving the state within the hour. Questions arose during the signing and I tried calling the firm, they had me on hold the entire time I was with signers and I tried emailing the contact as well, no response. Scan backs and drop approval were required and I did what I could and waited as long as the family could wait. I never received a response from the email still days later, never received drop approval, never got feedback on scans, nada!!! I’ve been sick over this signing the last few days. I ended up dropping them the next day. Any one have an experience similar to this? I’m stressed about messing up and also not getting paid. The fee was only $100 but it wasn’t a far drive for me but I did print almost 200 pages.

Everyone should watch out for unsolicited signing assignments from out of the area law firms. Most of them are bogus and set ups. Of course, you can try to get your $$, but if you’re looking for advice, spend your time on more productive activities and let this one go with a nod to experience gained. Too many cooties on this one.

Yes, I think this one will just be a lesson learned. I feel for the signers and hoping this wasn’t some type of scam on either of us!

UPDATE: Got paid today! lol woohoo

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