My First Small Claim filing for Theft of Notary Services

I performed a notary assignment for a realtor/broker in Santa Monica whose client resides in my county. I printed the documents which were emailed to me, traveled to the client at the appointed time, had the client sign, and I notarized the documents. We agreed I would return the documents to the hiring party the next day via FEDEX with my fee including shipping. The document was a simple POA.

So this guy now doesn’t want to pay me. I have been strung along since February 22, 2024. He said, twice, the check was in the mail. Initially he agreed to pay me via online payment, twice. Never happened.

The reason he doesn’t want to pay me is that his client represented that he had some fees due him, and as he agent, he would get 30% of fees recovered. Turns out the guy had already received funds from Kern County on the same property.

It is not my problem that they are both thieves, now is it!

Since he is licensed by the CA RE Department, I will be filing a THEFT OF SERVICES notice to that licensing agency. Mr. Golshani is no longer returning my calls, hence, he is fair game for me to warn other notaries that he is not a reputable business man.

This is my first rodeo.


Mike Golshani, 2153 Montana Avenue “A”, Santa Monica, CA 90403. He calls his business PROVIDENT ASSET RECOVERY, however there is no such company with a FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME FILING in Los Angeles county or the Business Unit of the State of California SOS.

One more question, fellow NSAs. This is a question perhaps for one of our paralegals on this forum. Since the client’s client committed fraud by trying to double dip with Kern County on an asset recovery Affidavit POA form, should I name him in my small claims court paperwork as well as the RE guy?


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thank you for sharing


Hi Cheryl, even paralegals cannot provide legal advice. But based on what you say, it seems like it warrants an ethics complaint. You can also report to BBB.

Does the guy also go by the name Khosrow Golshani? Asking because search returned this: Public License Lookup - DRE

I notice that address he provided you is a unit in an apartment complex, rather than a business office.

How much does he owe? Is the amount worth your time/effort collecting, or might the loss be something you can write off? Maybe ask your tax person.

Something I just thought of, maybe consider creating a business Venmo account so that you can send a PAYMENT IS DUE NOW link, rather than wait for a check to arrive: Venmo for Business | Venmo

Wish you good luck collecting!

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I received confirmation via text yesterday that a money order is being overnighted to me for Monday delivery. My fee was $150. It cost the hiring party more to drag his feet in paying my fee.

I should send him a copy of the Professional Responsibility Overview by the CA DRE Commissioner that he authored in 2014. Great stuff!

I appreciate your comments, and recommending Venmo for Business.


Thank you for the feedback.

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Kudos to you for being persistent.


Great! SO GLAD YOU ARE FINALLY GETTING PAID. Thank you for updating your post. I get vested in these stories and love hearing final outcomes. Especially when it ends on a positive!

It has been my experience, before you take someone to court; have all your ducks in order so you have no unanswered questions.
I would speak to an attorney. His/her fee is small for his/her legal advice.
If you try to take two people to court, you may be countersued by both of them.
“Lawsuits make strange bedfellows.”
Thanks for listening.

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