N3 Notary Changing fee

I accepted an assignment from N3 Notary after countering $30 to complete an I9 in a nearby town. I received an email with the offer and confirmed I was still available.
The confirmation noted $20 and had the customer meet in my town.(rural area, no place for signing).
I have been back in forth with them going on 2 days that they need to revise the confirmation to reflect the correct fee. My last email requested the original terms or to reassign the job. (I also tried calling and was disconnected after lengthy hold). A half hour after I sent the email to correct the information I received a call from the employee that needs the I9 completed!!
Is this typical business practice with them? What would you recommend at this point?
I told the employee I was waiting on a follow up clarification prior to confirming the appointment. Guidance would be appreciated on this.

I can’t believe this outfit is still operating - 14 years ago when I started here in Florida they were bad - how in the world have they managed to survive.

Me personally? Do you have the I9 or does the Signer have it? After going through all like you have, I’d have made a time with the signer to meet with him and have him pay me the $30 at the table.

This is GNW - fail to see why Signing services are inserting themselves into this part of the notary equation - fees for these are low enough -

Good luck with this

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I was shocked that they gave my number to the employee. I haven’t confirmed anything more with N3 and I’ve never worked for them before. Only reason I accepted this one is it was about 10 minutes away.
If I’d know what I was in for I would have just ignored it.
I do not have the I9 it is an electronic submission so I have to figure out the online submission too. Hence the reason I stuck to the $30 even though I see now it really wasn’t worth my time. Hindsight…

This company has a horrible reputation.

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Think I’d be inclined to deal direct with the employee who needs the I9. I’ve done the I9 verification ON A COMPUTER and it was fairly easy. If you’re doing this on a SmartPhone…I dunno.


N3 Notary are low ballers. I don’t fool with them. They’re too cheap for me.

Not sure about your state, but in Ca. you have to by qualified and bonded as an immigration consultant. Not just any notary can do these. Don’t get yourself in trouble.
California Notaries
Under California law, the only individuals who can assist clients with completing immigration forms (such as the Form I-9) are licensed attorneys, individuals authorized under federal law to provide immigration services, and individuals qualified and bonded as an immigration consultant under California law (Business & Professions Code, Sections 22440, 22441).

A notary public who is not qualified and bonded as an immigration consultant is prohibited from completing immigration forms for his or her clients (Government Code, Section 8223 ©).

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I did ONE JOB for them months ago and they still have not paid me. Once I realized what they did, I told them I was not interested in working with them. I should have waited to get paid. Every once in a while i get a doc destruction email and I just reply “As soon as you pay me”. Horrible, horrible company and I don’t know how they stay in business.

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Update: FINALLY got paid. Wow, 7 months.

Please excuse my ignorance :see_no_evil:, but what is I9 ?.. never heard of

Employer Eligibility Verification

I see… is an immigration form. Thank you Linda

Well, yes, an immigration form - however it’s required whether tied to immigration or not - ALL employers…and I mean ALL - are required to keep an I9 on file for ALL their employees. When I worked at the attorney’s office the office manager had to fill one out, checking my social security card and my driver’s license;

Companies farm these out to notaries because of the notary’s perceived expertise in identifying fake ID; plus so much remote work now, employers need to have verification of their employee’s identity - so the Notary gets the assignment; I hate it that signing services have intervened in these as they take part of the very small fee that should go to the notary; these, by the way, are not notarized unless a separate statement signed by the employee and notarized.

Here’s a marketing idea - find big companies in your area and contact their HR departments - offer your services to them to service their remote employees for the I9s they need - set a decent fee within a certain area and you can squeeze these in during the day…

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Good idea :bulb:
How much is to charge? Any idea?

Consider it General Notary Work (GNW) - what would you charge if you got a call from someone for a notarization (including travel and time)?

My fee within my county? $35-$50 - you’re not printing anything that I know of (employee should have form) and employee should be responsible for getting it back to company. On the other hand if employer contracts with you directly and you have to print it, it’s at most 3 pages - and no copies to employee; They’re also not time-specific - so there’s flexibility there