N3 notary services

Anyone worked with n3 notary?

Nope. According to other forum’s ratings, they’re a low/slow/no pay co. Not worth anyone’s time.


I just completed a job where I renegotiated for $30. They walk you through the process over the phone instead of teaching you before hand. I have done dozens of I9s, but through my payroll system, so you can’t really make a mistake. Here, the kid made the same mistake 3x. Once I had to go back and get a new one, and once on the second trip. Fortunately I brought a second copy. They never told me that I had to mail in the original the first time, so I would have had to go back again. No one answers the phone unless you press 5 numbers when you are on an assignment. Why wouldn’t that option be first? You’re sitting there waiting looking at a stranger. Just weird. Now I’m waiting for payment. Let’s see how that goes.

Hello ElenaMarie 1969 - Did N3Notary ever pay you?