N3 Notary Unresponsive

I was thrilled to working with N3 when they contacted me. My first appointment set up went fine, however, the online follow up with N3 was complicated. A day prior to the I9 verification appointment I received an email the stating the assignment was canceled. I reached out to inquire why and have yet to hear a word. Unfortunately, they continue to send me 100+ appointment requests. Feeling like this company has issues and I should steer clear.

You should. Those assignments pay crap and I wouldn’t work for them. Did a couple for them when I first started as a notary several years ago.

Thank you. I am just kicking off notary journey and I thought it would be a good start. I have been really nervous to start…turns out a total bummer kick off. I just need to go for it. I appreciate your comment of support!

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