National Loan Closers-Anyone have this experience?

Got an assignment request for NCL, $70 for a re-finance taking place in less than 3 hours from now, in a very expensive parking area and a very congested area. Three things.

  1. It would cost me at LEAST $25 for parking.

  2. Very congested area despite being close by, would take me 45 mintues to get there but likely 2 hours to return home.

  3. In addition, in order to reply anything, I have to check a box that reads:

“If I am chosen for this assignment, I authorize the hiring company to deduct the Closing Board fee of $2.50 from my payment.
Please note that Closing Board offers monthly, quarterly and annual memberships.”

What a kick in the pants! Anyone else see something like this?

Wonder how many notaries don’t even notice ‘oh, and we keep $2.50 out of that paltry, unacceptable low fee’?
Too low, even without all the challenges you presented.

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