National Loan Closings NLC shut down 7/22/22

Message from site:

We regret to inform you the National Loan Closings (NLC) will cease operations at the close of business on Friday, July 22nd. Market changes, reduction in volume, and staffing issues have led to the decision that we will no longer provide remote notary services through NLC. NLC is a subsidiary company of TCN Business Resources. We will continue to pay our Notary’s and receive payments after this date. We will also make sure all documents have been handled appropriately.

Going forward we will accept orders that close on or before 7/22/22.

We have enjoyed the relationship we have had with you.

Sincerely, The National Loan Closings Team

National Loan Closings
National Loan Closings Sam Cooper
8701 W. Dodge Road Ste 150
Omaha, NE 68114

402.689.0111 Phone
402.452.3932 E-Fax

By November, there will be a lot of these notices, I’m afraid. Only the strong survive.


Yet we have a few Professors from 6 Figure University still pitching the get rich quick scheme.


Wow, NLC closing their business, I did alot of work for them in Sonoma County. Sorry to see you go.
JMT closed their business as well. My comment is and was that when this cycle of business ended that would be it because the feds gave away the store. Nice will it lasted!

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I am doing my HAPPY DANCE !!
Glad to see SS going outta bizness. Especially RON platforms.

I.M.O RON is an OVER KILL when each state has 100’s of 1000’s of notaries who are willing to travel and earn a decent living. Why over complicate a simple thing as a notary signing with these BS platforms.

I refuse RON and their low pay and other shenanigans and also many signers prefer a person over a remote thing, Maybe the gen x,y,z likes it, But many property owners and Boomers / Yuppies and they prefer the real wet ink.

Less chance of Fraud also.