National notary of america! scam alert do not pay

Notaries be aware!!! Please stay away from this company!!! A friend of mine signed up and got “Certified” by NATIONAL NOTARY OF AMERICA. The acronym is the same as NATIONAL NOTARY ASSOCIATION (NNA). She paid National Notary of America roughly $300 for a TRID Certification and their Loan Signing Course. She has been wondering why she has not received any signings and we figured out that she got “credentialed” with the wrong company and the companies are not accepting her credentials. NOTARIES STAY AWAY FROM NATIONAL NOTARY OF AMERICA. THEY HAVE ALSO CHANGED THEIR NAME TO NATIONAL SIGNING SOURCE AND SHE SAID SHE SPOKE WITH SOMEONE AT SIGNING PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA AND THEY ARE ALL THE SAME COMPANY.

They are also using the name Notarology inc

Here are the other names this company disguises itself as. Stay away from them. This company is based out of Florida, located at 6160 Central Ave STE 200, Saint Petersburg, FL.

Laurie Fiore, June Mayweather, Heather S. are all the same person. They call from different phone numbers and pretend to be other people. Beware.

Doc Signers of America
Encompass LTD
Signing Professionals of America
National Signing Source
National Notary of America

Associated phone numbers for these scammers:

Associated emails. Check the domains