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Hello all. DO NOT TAKE ANY SIGNINGS FROM NATIONAL PARALEGAL & NOTARY, AKA, NPN. I completed two signings with this company, one October 1, 2020 and another October 22, 2020. When you look at their payment terms it states any work, for example, completed in October will be paid on the end of that next month, which will be November 30, 2020. Lisa Munyon is the “CEO” and also the person who is supposed to be writing our checks, of the company as I had asked to speak with the CEO to only be told it was Lisa Munyon who has been sending me an automated email saying the same thing that checks were mailed on November 30, 2020 and she trusts that I will be receiving my payment very shortly. If I am receiving any mail from anywhere in the United States or perhaps even out of the country it does not take this long to receive any mail. So, I think she just has not mailed my check(s) because I asked her to provide me with the check numbers of my checks that she said were mailed on November 30, 2020 and she has yet to provide me with that information and continue to only indicate via email with the same automatic email stating the exact same thing. What can be done to make sure these companies are paying us when they are supposed to because it should be against the law for these Signing Services to not pay us for the work we have completed. We are using our mobile notary services to make it a very convenience for them, our time, our car(s), our miles, our ink, our copy paper and our scanners. Also, during this COVID-19 season, we are actually risking our lives and it seems like we are very unappreciated for the work we are doing for them and they do not want to pay us within the designated time frame indicated in their payment terms. WHAT CAN WE DO REGARDING THIS ISSUE? Anyone, please advise. Thank you.


Two things: Never work for them again and e-mail her that if check isn’t received by (a reasonable date), you will be contacting the Title Co. involved. Won’t get you paid, but SS don’t want notaries calling Title as SS may be risking having Title dump them. Works most of the time.


I have received offers from them, but for some reason I haven’t accepted because of their low fees.

I never worked with them. I always read their contract before accepting ant assignments. Anything that does not meet my expectations, I decline. Sometimes I believe companies that take that long to pay, is thinking that the agent will forget about the money. A good agent will not let that slide.

Why is that during a sell, the realtor gets paid after closing, but the signing agent does not. Something is not right.


Chris you’re absolutely correct.

Years ago when I was strictly depending on signing agencies for signing and not doing very good job of bookkeeping, I would actually forget that a company hadn’t paid me on time or at all and have to go back and demand payment.

Those days are long behind me.



Horrible company … I just received payment for a debt consolidation I did in November … a $29 NPN Annual Membership fee was taken out of the check. When I accepted the assignment, there was not any mention of a fee to work for them. In addition to that, they tried not to pay me at all by sending me an email, after the fact, that in ordered to be paid, I had to take their debt consolidation training course and turn in the test results before 2 pm that day. I accepted the order through Snapdocs. I have Snapdocs an email making them aware of this company.

Unfortunately the terms we agree to when we accept the assignments are binding. With them, i actually enjoy negotiating higher fees when no one else will perform the work. Its a good thing when you recieve a surprisingly large check in the mail that you forgot about. Its kind of like finding money in the couch or the seats of your car.

They usually pay 45 days out from echeck. Any money is good money if its reasonable…:slight_smile:

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May I ask your business model now?

Sure, my business model is somewhat of a hybrid.

I work primarily doing direct business from title companies (5) that keep me always working. This didn’t happen over night, but I’ve managed to manage a workable schedule with all parties where there’s no hard feelings when I have to service another title company. Since they are my bread winners, they always have priority over Signing Agencies. I work Signing Agencies as a filler only, after hours or weekend opportunities. Why, because the delay in payment, the demands which aren’t required of me when doing direct business and it keeps me from being a one trick pony.

Hope that answers your question, if not let me know.

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That that was very helpful. I am working on growing my similar model. I am using primarily signing services, who are providing consistent work right now (january) but my title companies are making sure that i stay above water. What do you think I could do to increase my business with title companies?

Hey, that’s great news, I’m proud of you.

ASK FOR THEIR BUSINESS FACE-TO-FACE ( I’m not screaming at you… :laughing: )

Most signing agents will only call or send emails, my experience says this is a waste of time. People can’t see you, can’t get a good feel of who you are through an email or a phone call. Your emails will in up being blocked or sent to spam, your phone call is often forgotten once it’s over because they have receive multiple calls throughout the day. FACE-TO-FACE is the way to go. Wear a mask, be mentally prepared and rehearse, this will minimize your nervousness.

The title companies I work with are awesome, they print the docs prior to my arrival. #NoPrintingOrInkCost The title companies often need me to do multiple signings while I’m there within our scheduled window. 8am -12pm or 1pm -5pm The title company all pay within 5 days. They pay my fee, not the portion they wish to split with me.

Here’s another thing I do that had worked for me, do 12 in a month with me the next 2 are Free. Yes the next 2 are free and on me. Don’t look at it as lost income, your goal should be consistent repeat business, that’s how you build.

When you have one title company secured, it’s time to get another and repeat the process. Be cautious, not to over commit #KeepYourCalendarUpToDate, never break your word, do not allow the quality of your work to suffer because you are rushing to your next title company. Lastly, don’t over promise and under deliver. If a mistake happens and it Will, Own it, Correct it and do your best not to allow it to happen again.

You’ll do fine…

Wishing you many successful signing


I just received a scathing email from Lisa Munyon at National Paralegal & Notary.
She is unprofessional and runs a sham company.


Will never work for VPN again! They wait until after you complete the signing to send you a notice stating you have to take a paralegal quiz. I drove 200 miles after the ask me last minute. Did I mention 200 miles one way! Called me at 3:30 pm cst for a signing 200 miles away at 5pm cst. They waited until everything was completed and sent through to say in order to receive payment I had to complete that quiz. Of course I called emailed and no response I contacted snapdocs and the gave me Lisa M. She sent me a rude statement and told me she would waive the quiz and would not use me again. I replied thank you.
I would not have worked for them again after pulling that stunt. I was so disappointed.

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Typo NPN is the name of the company

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