National Preferred Notary IS NOT PAYING

I did a signing for National Preferred Notary back in December and I haven’t get paid. I called this company so many times but they never answer the phone, no matter what extension you choose. I’ve also called the owner Michael Devalk and nothing either. I decided to send them a message through Snapdocs since that is what they use for their orders and I received an email form one of them saying she is checking. After several emails to her she said that the person that process payments just passed away from cancer. Really??? Beware of this company.

Hi Janet
I have the exact same story
I am praying they send me another order so I can send the package back COD for twice the fee-I have been leaving many many messages and realize they are not above board and have no intention of paying us

I finally threatened to go to the Title/Escrow Co if I didn’t receive payment within the next 5 days, after MONTHS of phone calls & emails. When I didn’t receive a check I did contact the escrow Co/agent who’s name was on the docs. I explained the situation, she immediately sent out a scathing email to the Notary Signing Co, (I’ve forgotten which Co it was that hired me at that time), and she cc’d me. She told them they needed to pay me immediately, and she would be following up with me to make sure I got paid. I very quickly DID get paid, & I have a feeling they may have lost that client. Escrow Companies do NOT want to hear that their signing company is not paying their notaries.