Nationwide Signing Service ( 2 Day Training Class

I recently signed up at Nationwide Siging Services, LLC located in Tempe, Arizona.
I was contacted the next day by a company rep offering a Two-Day Training Class. They told me they do not give business to any signing agent that has not taken their training class. Sounded great until they told me their 2 Day training class cost $550.00. They did not provide a syllabus for the class and emailed me some redacted loan docs via email for me to print out and bring to class. And they want full payment via Venmo or PayPal to a cell phone number.

Has anyone taken this class?? Is it worth the cost?

I didn’t have to take a class when I signed up on July 2nd. Sounds like a scam.

Thanks for your reply. Question: Have you received any signings from them to date??? I am signed up on their platform but was called and told that I needed to take a 2 Day training class before receiving any orders from them.

No, I haven’t gotten anything from them. But, I haven’t hardly gotten anything from any of the 45+ signing services I’m signed up with this month lol except for maybe 2. There’s no way in hell I’m paying any signing service $550 just so they can ignore me and not give me any work like the rest of these.

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Agreed. Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it. I too have signed up for a ton of these websites. Crickets chirping. I think we are in a catch 22; zero signings and all the title companies pick agents with experience. Timios seems very professional, they reached out to me for more documents. I get a ton of notifications from but they are east coast time and the window is one hour to be at the clients house. Even if replied to instantly, the offer is already taken. Frustrating for sure. I am working on my R.O.N. Certification…I think this will be the best way to get tons of general notary work and Signing Agent work …QUICKLY …to build my resume. Then I’m going DAMN DIRECT!!! That is is the only way I see of making this gig work. Good luck.


That a scam. Its no different that a MLM. (Maybe hype you up to spend more money later) Notaries NEVER pay for orders or being listed. Are you sure that was NSSNotary? I sign for NSSNotary, They have never ask for me to take any course. In fact my last signing with them was 7/1/21

Here is one of her latest emails to me. Seems legitimate to me.

Hello @mfridelle , I’m Staci and I’m the person who does all the notary training for Nationwide Signing Services; oversee notary onboarding and also client retention. I’m a head manager here and I respect your inquiry to our training program. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding re our company and our training as I can assure you, it’s not a scam of any kind. There isn’t a syllabus for this class because we go over it with you over the phone and disclose to you all that we will cover in the training. It’s exclusive to our contract notaries as our clients require a certain level of performance from our notary signing agents. If you are a fully seasoned notary who has conducted over 500 signings or more than we will vet you and move you on through our processing. If you are under 500 and base on your performance with the vetting process, showcase that you will represent us and our clients well then we have no reservations to move you through processing. However, if we feel that you do need further training then yes, that is our requirement. It would not be in ours’ and our clients’ best interest if we were to send out a notary with little to no experience with the signing industry to sit at the table with buyers, sellers, and borrowers who are completing the biggest transaction in their life. This job requires a professional who can facilitate the signing in a way that the customers will understand and be understanding to the signers position. Our fee covers our overhead for the training program: time, space, and materials. We ask all notaries who are coming to training to complete a check list so that you are fully prepared to take assignments, whether from us or another signing company, after the training. This will assist you with having all the items you need to be successful in this business. Our training doesn’t stop at the door, we also mentor and foster you as you become a full fledge signing agent in the field. Call us anytime for questions. When you are successful then that is a reflection of our company and that’s very important to me. We don’t guarantee work but what we show you in this training, you won’t find anywhere as this class is a Deep Dive into Signings and we cover a lot of topics that most online certification courses don’t cover. This will empower you with knowledge that you can carry anywhere with you to any signings you pick up in this career. If you’d like to further discuss this then please feel free to reach out to me directly at Colby is my assistant and she is amazing at what she does for our training program. I also have a lot of notaries who have completed my class who you can reach out to for review and reference. Respectfully - Staci Lor

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Thank you Staci for taking the time to clear this up. That is awesome customer support!! I researched Nationwide Signing Services ( and found out it has a great reputation. I am happy to now know that your training class is legitimate. I will consider it in the future and may sign up for your August class. Colby spoke highly of you in our initial phone call. Since posting this query above, all the timely emails Colby was sending to the July class participants finally arrived in my inbox. She had my wrong email address and I likewise, had the wrong email for both you and for Colby. Problem solved. Again, thank you for reaching out, both on this forum and to my personal email. Much appreciated. Have a great day.

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One other thing, our training is only for Local notaries in Arizona as we are hands on with our clientele here and knowing our local notaries is very important to our business, so out of state notaries won’t be asked to attend. I’ve had out of state notaries call asking for training as they feel they don’t have enough confidence to provide the best service, and if that’s the case then I will work with them to get them more trained for future opportunities and have them processed. Just for clarity.

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