Navy Federal Credit Union

Good Morning Notary Family!

It has been confirmed Navy Federal Credit Union no longer accepts E-Checks in general, no matter the type of deposit IE Mobile, branch, or ATM. Deluxe confirmed this, too, the issuer of these checks. It was explained to me by the Deluxe customer service rep that Navy Federal is currently the only financial institution that is not accepting these forms of deposits.

If you have Navy Federal Credit Union, it means if you want to deposit your E-Check, get ready to pay an exuberant amount in fees just for the luxury to have access to the money you earned. If you also think this is ludicrous, YOU can help. Navy Federal Credit Union is run by its members like you and me, SO Please call 1-888-842-6328 and file a complaint. If enough of our voices are heard, this policy can be reverted.


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Just curious…do you have any idea WHY NFCU isn’t accepting E-Checks?
I agree that if you do bank at NFCU, that you should register a complaint about the new practice.

I moved my account to Randolf-Brooks as they still accept E-Checks.

From what the customer service rep told me, it had something to with the Federal Reserve. Since this is such a new policy, they didn’t know too much, that was the most they told me.

They have been dealing with a lot of fraud

I have navy fed as well and I found a work around. I print my e-checks on actual checks. The one you can purchase from Office max. I do payroll for some clients so I have them around anyway and that seems to work.

@firstfruitsolutions are there any special settings for printing the checks? I was so disappointed when I discovered this. TiA.

I think it depends on your printer but what I do is under print preview I click on the setting Actual Size instead of Fit because I want to make sure that nothing gets printed on the dotted line that you rip off.

@firstfruitsolutions thanks for responding. Can you tell me the exact ones you purchase? My checks are starting to come in, and right now I’m depositing into a personal account then moving my money to Navy Federal. It’s a big hassle.

I use this one

@firstfruitsolutions thanks. I will be purchasing these soon.

You are very welcome!