NC Signers - Raleigh Area

I am a newbie, and have been doing signings for the past few weeks. I’m only getting about 2 signings per week. Is this the norm in the Raleigh-Durham area? Thanks!

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I’m not a Notary in Raleigh but our profession is based on exposure. What platforms are you advertising on?

Hi! I’m on Snapdocs, NotaryDash, NotaryGo, and Solidifi.

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Actually on Solidifi, it still says my account is under review. It’s been that way for weeks.

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I would shoot an email and ask if additional documentation is needed. Exposure is key in our industry. Have you reached out to any Signing Service Agencies?

Yes, I have signed up with many Signing Services directly. I will email Solidifi to find out if additional documentation is needed, though I have looked at my profile many times to make sure I submitted everything. Thanks for the advice!