Need a Privacy Guard for Notarial Journal?

While searching for a replacement privacy Guard (yes, mine was totally worn out) and NOT looking for the same old tired Navy Blue one advertising for a business, I decided to investigate a few options.

Well, there were only 2 choices and both were quite bland and continued with the advertisement for a business . . .


So, decided to be a little creative! :ice_cream:

Searched “Decorative File Folders” and found quite a few choices. It only requires scissors to snip off the tab & two mini binder clips to hold them in-place on your journal page. These are about $1/decorative folder & can easily be swapped out for a change of “scenery.” :partying_face:

This is the set I liked best:

OR you could choose this set on Amazon:

SEARCH KEYWORDS: “Global Printed Products Deluxe Designer Printed File Folders, 1/3 Cut Tab, Assorted Positions, Letter Size, 24/pk (Marble)”

OR another choice on Amazon:

SEARCH KEYWORDS: “Decorative File Folders Letter Size - Pack of 16 Gold Chic Colored Manilla Folders with Pockets for Hanging Filing Folders - File Organizer Folder Set fits Letter Hanging Files”


Absolutely love the natural beauty/enhancement & they strike up many conversations with folks saying how lovely they are or asking where they can purchase these folders.


Warning: I bought privacy guards for mine a few years ago - very awkward to use. I hated it and went back to the old way - I use 4x4 post-it notes to cover the preceding transactions - move them down or add more as necessary; re-use them when page is turned. I just tell signers “don’t mind this up here (pointing to post-its) - this is for hiding previous transactions and when I get done here I’ll lower this one to cover your info” - they never seem to mind.