Need assistance in Nevada

Hi team, I need some assistance. I’m in NV and I’m going to notarize an academic history for an exchange student. The document I’m notarizing does not have any notarial wording on it and the person at the school stated in the past other notaries just signed and stamped the document. I’m not sure if that’s correct so if anyone has any advice to give it would be greatly appreciated!

You need to attach the Notarial wording on a separate page and make note of the same. You can download the wording from the NNA website if you are a member, or in Nevada under the applicable NRS :slight_smile:

Thank you, Then just state in the journal the separate page attached? I’ve haven’t had to complete a separate certificate yet.

Yes, that is correct.

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Nevada statutes describe the application of a signature and notary seal without notarial wording as a prohibited act. An acknowledgment or jurat must be applied.


You need to have the signer provide you with what type of notarization you will be performing and that is the law

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You must also have notarial wording on any doc you notarize

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Carry extra copies of the different types of certificates. The signer should choose which certificate they need. Do not choose for them.

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Thank you! Great advice!