Need “dummy” docs to set up/test new printer

Hi Folks, I am looking for a resource for a set dummy of loan docs (or simular) in PDF format with mixed paper sizes within so that I can make sure my new dual tray printer is set up correctly (before I accept my first signing).

  • I asked my lender I worked with on my own re-fi from 2 years ago to send me an e- file of my own loan docs. They promptly filled this request for me, but the file she sent was a scanned/signed version that had all the pages reduced to letter size!
  • Even the pdf set on the NNA Resource tab in their Training Center is all letter size.
    Any suggestions?

I don’t know if this will help you but I went into Microsoft word and typed up some letters on a 8.5 x 11 page and then changed the paper size to 11x 14 for the second page and typed some letters on that sheet and then printed them out from my dual Dell printer and it worked. Hope this helps. ( I meant 8.5 x 14).


Was exactly what I was going to say - create some of your own

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Sometimes the solution is right in front of you. It had never occurred to me until your kind suggestion that I could simply change the page size when creating a doc…in the words of Homer Simpson …”Dough!”