Need notary website

Looking for someone to set up a website for my Notary Business.

Alvin Brown

I recommend GoDaddy, especially if you are not tech savvy. GoDaddy does offer custom website creation but it’s expensive. If you’re like me who just wants to keep it simple, GoDaddy is the place. They have hundreds of templates you can customize yourself. Just pick out a template, type in the info and it will be published and go live right away. The prices are reasonable and you can pay in full or monthly. The other great thing is you can change templates as often as you want. That means your website can look different every week, month or year. Good luck!

Barbara Ray at Notary2Pro

I use Vista Print for my website. Very affordable and easy to use.

Thanks guys for your help

Hello! I actually have a background in marketing and web design. I can definitely help you with a standard site. I charge 300 for 5 pages, if verbiage is provided. Please feel free to email me, Happy New Year!

I can help you out if you like. Email me and we can discuss it

I also recommend Notary2Pro, Barbara just finished my website. Reasonable rate, great work.

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