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Hello there,

I am new here and I cant wait to start getting jobs. I have an assignment tomorrow. Can some one point me on the right direction to which signing services I could sign with that are newbies friendly and what should i expect? thank you in advance :slight_smile:

@leannefigueroa92 Excellent query. Of course, it’s been posed myriad times over the years on the Notary Cafe forum. Thus, your answers await you in the Notary Cafe database! :sparkles:

You can run a Search (upper right/magnifying glass) as it will probably be quicker than waiting for someone to reply.

Here are the results I found for you by typing “newbie” in the Search field:

Take the time to review the info found within the threads (on the page referenced above).

Please know that each of us contributes our time-proven experience & expertise. We are very busy business owners; either working with clients OR marketing/developing our business.

It’s so important for each member to endeavor to perform due diligence prior to requesting the valuable time of other business owners.

Searching the Notary Cafe database for the answer (that’s more than likely already present) prior to creating a new thread or post is being considerate, thoughtful, & respectful of other members. Saves everyone time & prevents consternation. :sparkles:

Wishing you the best! :pray:

@leannefigueroa92 Regarding getting jobs . . . Notary Café is a Directory that publishes your professional services. It’s not a Job Board.

Are you a Notary Café Pro member? If yes, you can easily increase your visibility by verifying your Profile is complete. Also, add 4 additional zip codes to your Profile (as a Pro Member) & double-check the Public Search option is active. NOTE: The Notary Café support staff can assist you further in this regard.

Here are the results from a quick Search I ran for you on your topic “Best Companies”:

I’ve been a Notary Café Professional member from the onset of my services within this Business Sector. I value my membership here for a variety of reasons. Regularly, clients new to me say they found me on Notary Café, which as a business owner is very helpful information.

Although, it’s important to keep in mind that most clients don’t lead their conversation with how they located you as that’s not germane to the objective of their call.

So, in order to know where your business leads are originating from, the onus is upon you to include in your questions to new clients: “Oh, how did you locate/find my services please?”

This will help you know where your marketing budget is supporting your business and where it is lackluster . . .

@leannefigueroa92 As a business owner, you may be bringing multiple skill sets to the proverbial table. Creating & developing your business within this business sector is a marathon, not a sprint.

With that said, you’ll find it quite helpful to check out this insightful thread:

And, this one, too: