I would to get some advice from all you successful notaries on your starting journey.
It’s now 4 months since I have posted my name and qualification on several sites and I have not received any assignment. How should I go about getting started or I’m I doing something wrong?

@realtydocusigning No, you’re not doing anything “wrong.”

As with most businesses that are starting out, it’s a SLOW process.

In general, most do find building a business within this business sector to be a MARATHON, not a sprint.

Well, that is unless you live in a region that isn’t already saturated with Trained, Certified, & experienced Notary Signing Agents [NSAs] who are also seeking out Signing Orders OR if you have a family member who works at a Title/Escrow Company [T/EC]. :wink: In those scenarios (and a few others), you may find it to be a BREEZE!

As a fellow business owner, I’d like to offer an opportunity to further enhance your business acumen & skill set (speaking proverbially) by "teaching you how to fish;" instead of giving you a fish . . .

Specifically, this link may be insightful & quite helpful. :sparkles: Check out all 3 answers on it:

Best wishes :angel:

While you might be listed on several sites, sometimes it depends on how well your profile is written. I’ve seen many new notaries who spend a lot of money to be listed and their profiles are a jumble of buzzwords without content. Your profile will need to grab the hiring company’s attention so they want to hire you and only you. But also don’t lie about your experience.

Not knowing where you are located, many metropolitan areas are saturated with experienced notaries who have already developed networks. It is likely you are competing with stiff competition. Harsh reality but it is the truth.

I would suggest getting out to promote yourself with title companies and ask to get in their rotation. Offer to take the next assignment regardless of the location or time of the appointment so that you can prove yourself on the spot.


Don’t get discouraged. There are so many stories out there about people starting this journey and suddenly making 10k that first month. That would be great but I’m sure that most of us don’t have that experience. I recommend to make phone calls and send emails routinely. Every week you should aim to make contact with a certain amount of companies. I’ve called so many title companies and have been turned away but for every five or so that turn you away, there will be one interested. And for the ones that don’t return your calls or emails, give them a couple weeks and reach out again. Don’t give up. They may not return the call or email at first but eventually they will recognize your name and when they need you, they will call you and the relationship will build from there.


Concurred. Excellent advice. :+1:

Thanks for your response

Thanks for your advice

I think I personally have signed up with over 200 SS and title companies. I spend my Sunday afternoons sending emails and researching companies. All in all for the most part I get random calls from my Notary Cafe Profile and one-off assignments from the others I have signed up with but most of my signings seem to come from one source Signing Order and Signature Closures. I find the more I do on that platform the more offers I get which is a blessing. I have had little to no success with SnapDocs and have pretty much considered them the third resource not to focus or wait on.


Does anyone experience companies eg: Title365 requiring a minimum of 2 years experience and 25 closings before you can sign up with them?. I am still waiting for my 1st signing after being an NSA for 6 months now, I began to question myself if it is worth it to continue spending money. Just getting a bit frustrated. I don’t want to forget what I learned because if “you don’t use it you lose it”.
It seems like Tampa and all the zip codes I have chosen to work in are flooded with notaries.
One comment to me was: Bio plays a big part in being hired I would appreciate it if someone could critique my BIO and give me feedback.

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Thanks for the advice on BIO. Do mind giving me feedback on mine?

Try signing up with Signing Order they are newbie friendly and if you pay the $2.99 fee to upgrade your listing that will give you an advantage. As a newbie now officially shy of 3 months old I have gotten most of my signings through them. Of course, your experience and training will factor into your selection process but they are a good place to start.


Do you write down every company you sign up with? Wondering how you keep them organized. I’ve just started signing up - any advice is appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I built a plain ol’ word document on to which I cut and paste the email address of every signing company that sends me an order, whether I get the assignment or not. Surprising how handy that list has been.

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Good to know - thanks!

Hi there,
I highly recommend a spreadsheet! Also, I have a telephone book that I keep with all my usernames and passwords. I’m very bad remembering them! lol


All my favorites are entered into my Contacts list in Outlook. Works for me!

I have a question. I’m looking at following your advice and upgrading my Signing Order listing, but it says that this is just to add zip codes to my listing. I don’t won’t to work outside of my current zip code, so do you think there are other benefits to the upgrade like priority contact or anything? I haven’t gotten a single notification from Signing Order.

If you only work one zipcode then I am not sure if it would be a benefit. As far as the priority listing… not sure. I say try it for a month and see if it does make a difference. Even if you get one assignment the $2.99 would be worth it. The next month if it’s still crickets then you can decide from there.

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Nope - there’s not. If you only want to work in your zip code, I wouldn’t pay. It is just $2.99 - but I rarely saw anything outside of my zip code even paying for the extras.


I’m in the same boat except that I received one $30 single paper notarization. That’s it. I have paid spots on the sites. I’m not sure what else to do.