I would to get some advice from all you successful notaries on your starting journey.
It’s now 4 months since I have posted my name and qualification on several sites and I have not received any assignment. How should I go about getting started or I’m I doing something wrong?

@realtydocusigning No, you’re not doing anything “wrong.”

As with most businesses that are starting out, it’s a SLOW process.

In general, most do find building a business within this business sector to be a MARATHON, not a sprint.

Well, that is unless you live in a region that isn’t already saturated with Trained, Certified, & experienced Notary Signing Agents [NSAs] who are also seeking out Signing Orders OR if you have a family member who works at a Title/Escrow Company [T/EC]. :wink: In those scenarios (and a few others), you may find it to be a BREEZE!

As a fellow business owner, I’d like to offer an opportunity to further enhance your business acumen & skill set (speaking proverbially) by "teaching you how to fish;" instead of giving you a fish . . .

Specifically, this link may be insightful & quite helpful. :sparkles: Check out all 3 answers on it:

Best wishes :angel:

While you might be listed on several sites, sometimes it depends on how well your profile is written. I’ve seen many new notaries who spend a lot of money to be listed and their profiles are a jumble of buzzwords without content. Your profile will need to grab the hiring company’s attention so they want to hire you and only you. But also don’t lie about your experience.

Not knowing where you are located, many metropolitan areas are saturated with experienced notaries who have already developed networks. It is likely you are competing with stiff competition. Harsh reality but it is the truth.

I would suggest getting out to promote yourself with title companies and ask to get in their rotation. Offer to take the next assignment regardless of the location or time of the appointment so that you can prove yourself on the spot.

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Don’t get discouraged. There are so many stories out there about people starting this journey and suddenly making 10k that first month. That would be great but I’m sure that most of us don’t have that experience. I recommend to make phone calls and send emails routinely. Every week you should aim to make contact with a certain amount of companies. I’ve called so many title companies and have been turned away but for every five or so that turn you away, there will be one interested. And for the ones that don’t return your calls or emails, give them a couple weeks and reach out again. Don’t give up. They may not return the call or email at first but eventually they will recognize your name and when they need you, they will call you and the relationship will build from there.


Concurred. Excellent advice. :+1: