Need to get w-9 form

New Notary and Signing Agent 1 year joining Signing Agency asking for W-9 .How can I go about to get the form . What is the best way .

Mobile notaries are almost always independent contractors. We need to give the companies that hire us a W9 so the company can report the total of all the payments they make to us to the IRS. The W9 must contain the notary’s taxpayer ID number.

Assuming you’re not incorporated, you could use your social security number on the W9. But some of us wonder about the honesty of some of the signing services out there, and don’t want to trust them with our social security numbers. So we get an additional taxpayer identification number that’s meant for businesses. This is called an Employer Identification Number, EIN. You can put that on the W9 instead of your Social Security Number.

So first, go here to apply for an EIN. Then go here to find blank W9 forms.


Thank you for your response, you are correct especially with Identity Theft. This form is very helpful glad I came a cross it .

The form is available on the IRS website at this link. Data may be filled-in on the form and saved, so it doesn’t have to be re-entered on each request.

A taxpayer operating a business under Schedule C, E or similar is entitled to apply for an additional EIN by applying with the SS-4 form by fax or mail. Regardless of how many Schedules C, E and similar, a taxpayer may only have one additional EIN, which is directly associated with (and provided to counter-parties instead of) their social security number.

An EIN may also be attained instantly by filling out the application at this IRS link.

FYI, it’s not a terrible idea to keep a filled-out, signed SS-4 on file even if you apply on-line (there’s a place on the form to record the number) - you never know when the IRS would demand paperwork (I’m a big believer in bulletproof paperwork).

Hope this helps,


It helps thank you .

IRS.GOV free form.
you don’t need to apply for a TIN number unless you plan on LLC. just use your SSN.
i usually do one and scan it each year and keep on my desktop to send to companies that request it. i think they send you a 1099 if they pay you over $600/yr or something like that. i also use turbo tax business and have done so for years.

NEVER NEVER NEVER give out your social security number!!! That is identity theft looking to happen…holy smoke. Why not just give them a copy of your signed credit card too??

If you’re in business, use an EIN - takes 5 minutes to get one on and you use that to report your BUSINESS income on Schedule C of your tax return.

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