Networking groups

Hello everyone, I am wondering if there are any notary groups that may get together around Waco or Temple Texas? I keep reading about the importance of coming together so if anyone knows of anything, please let me know. Thank You

The best support group you’ll ever have is Notary Cafe. Take advantage of the magnifying glass to search for anything you need from finding the best companies to sign up with to the companies you want to avoid. For example: Need to know what printer to use? Type in “best printer” or “printer” under search, you’ll find all kinds of great info from other notaries. Have a prosperous 2022.


Notary Cafe is pretty great to connect online, but if you are looking specifically for a Texas group to meet up with in person, you might check out
Jarrell is about an hour from you. Or you could start your own meet-up group.

Could also reach out to American Association of Notaries (713) 644-2299 to see if they have suggestions or if they offer any networking events near you. AAN is based in Houston, 3hrs from Waco Texas - American Association of Notaries Membership.


Thank you very much for your response. I actually received my notary certificate through AAN but did not think of looking there for groups. Also I will look into the, and I have thought about starting my own group, your comment might just give me the motivation I needed. Thank You

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Very welcome! By the way your truck ad looks awesome. Is it a vinyl wrap?

Thank you and Yes it is.