Never Sleep Notary LLC

I did a signing for Never Sleep Notary on Feb 24. No payment. They have not replied to my emails and the phone number is always busy. I have not worked with them before and I can’t find any info on them. Has anyone had experience with this company?

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Susan, I would shake escrow’s tree and let the know your dilemma. Not fair that Dylan isn’t pay you timely, or respond to your inquiries for payment.

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Have you done signings for them?

No, I do not accept signings from notaries who are simply subbing out work. There is no guarantee you’ll be paid by them.

Susan, you are not alone. He’s parked his website. He’s not responding to my invoices. When he does reply to an email it’s always sarcastic. He told me that he’ll pay me when he wants to. He’s told another notary that he owes money to from a Feb signing that she’s going to the bottom of his pile of invoices.

My signing was via SigningOrdercom. I reached out to them with the signing details and explained that he’s ignoring my invoices. They responded in an email to both myself and Dylan asking him to respond to my inquiry and use the Reply All function. In other words, they want to know why he hasn’t paid his notary.

I dug up the old order from the signing order website and used the “contact us” button to connect with him and asked him to pay my fee before May 31, 2020 to avoid escalation. He replied that my “threats” won’t work on him, he’ll pay me when he’s ready.

I’m waiting until May 31, 2020 and if I don’t have a payment I’m taking him to small claims court. One look at his FB page should tell you all you need to know about where your fee went. He’s spent it along with my own. I’ll gladly spend the $95 he owes me on a lawyer’s advice and small claims filing fees to get a judgement against him. THEN I’m filing a complaint with the SoS.

He works for Chicago Title as an Escrow Assistant…I’d call their corporate headquarters and try to get a hold of this guy at HIS JOB! I’d also write him a demand letter and send there as well, with a cc to his human resources. I’d bet you’d get paid real fast!