New and Skeptical

I’m very new and green to notary work and loan signing. So, anytime I get contacted for work I’m really excited. I recently received a text message about completing a signing in my local area. They stated that it was for a one page document. I asked if it was regular notarization or loan, to which they replied a “Deed”. I asked what was the time frame needed and they said, it was open to the signer and contingent upon me (The notary) receiving the check. They asked how much I would charge, and I told them and they agreed. They sent the document to be signed via email, which is normal. I did receive a check in the mail from the company for the signer. I didn’t think too much about them not asking for my address to deliver the check, because I’ve signed up for so many signing services. They never referenced a signing service or anything. I looked the company up on BBB and they have an F and a couple of bad reviews. This just feels like one of those check fraud scams. Is this normal for the company to send the check to the notary to give to the signer? What would an experienced signer do in this situation?

LandTRUST USA is the company if you’re wondering.

Okay, welcome to the site. Since you said this that’s how I’m going to respond…

#1 - before doing any work, go to and get yourself an EIN - never never never give your social security number to any company you work for/with. Always use the EIN

#2 - Some states require that real property transactions, especially conveyances, be handled by a licensed attorney - make sure you are not in one of those states and you are allowed to handle this type of transaction.

#3 - when posting here, please let us know what state you’re in - it will help us answer your questions more effectively and accurately

#4 - In the bar up top (home, about us, find a notary, etc etc) - hover your cursor over the right side near your avatar - you’ll see a magnifying glass - you can search there for any question you may have; I can guarantee that 95% of the time your same question has been asked and answered before and there’s a wealth of information right there at your fingertips.

Now, all that said, as for the rest of your post, I do not know this company and did not find them in the search. But looked up their website and I’ve heard of these transactions with previous companies. I would talk to the signer and make sure they’re aware of what they’re signing; seems odd to me that the only thing required to sell a piece of property is a deed - there is usually more paperwork involved in this, specifically federal tax forms.

If they emailed you the document I would call the company to discuss payment terms and procedures. Do they want you to return an invoice? Did they provide you with a shipping label to return the deed? (you don’t pay to return docs, they do) Are they sure they sent you ALL the required documents? (don’t want to find out later they’re not going to pay you because they feel YOU should have known that more than a deed is required).

If all seems on the up and up, and you’re comfortable with it, make sure you have contact info if something goes sideways at the table.

Don’t believe everything you see on BBB- I would check other notary forums for feedback on the company.

Sorry this got so long-winded, but good luck to you. Let us know how this works out.


I understand the feeling of being new, I just started collecting Pokémon cards and trying to figure out what the best value is and all the Pokémon packs. I would say just keep trying by trial and error and you will figure everything out.

It’s is scary being new and unsure about particular companies. @LindaH-FL provided some awesome and helpful tips!
Please ignore any unhelpful comments you may receive.
Good luck on your notary journey!


In my direct experience, when a potential client reaches out to have only a deed signed (and it’s not a Title/Escrow Company [T/EC]) & never worked with them previously & unable to vet them online, I decline to accept their Signing Order.


Usually a scam.


I concur :100: percent with the insights shared by LindaH-FL with a HEAVY emphasis on the following:

Thank You, Linda for your post. :womans_hat:



(KY here). Just trying to keep this streamlined, if I read your post correctly, it wasn’t the “deed” being the issue, but the check. Is this correct? Yes, there will be numerous types of transactions where you will be required to turn over a check to the signer. When in doubt, verify before you deny, but in their defense, based on your post, they told you a check was on the way.

Deed signings and their requirements, processes and paperwork vary by state. So not only do you have to do your homework there, always call the client for clarification when in doubt, then compare to your state laws. It’s tedious, but one of our top responsibilities as a Notary Public.

Because your a Notary, you are a public official, meaning your contact information, including your address is public information (not hard to find through numerous means). Especially if your a registered business with your state. Although good business practice would be for them to verify the address they have on file for you.

Also, because your a Notary, you will get work through numerous entities, meaning, not always from a signing service. This is called General Notary Work (GNW). You did have a company name for the client, so your research begins there if you have concerns.

As others have stated, take reviews with a grain of salt and do your own research and make your own phone calls/emails. Especially in the legal/financial businesses. People tend to leave reviews based on emotion and not the actual product/service. Meaning, a bad review doesn’t mean they didn’t get the service they paid for, but they left a bad review because they didn’t get the outcome they were wanting. For example: I read reviews for a coffee maker on E-Bay and the bulk of those reviews state on how the package arrived mangled and damaged, or it arrived late. So what? I want to read on how the coffee maker performs (the product). Save the bad review for the shipping carrier. You’ll respect this more as a growing business owner. People leaving negative feedback for things beyond your control sucks, but people just want what they want. Respond to it accordingly. BBB is a “pay to play” organization, and not a regulatory authority!

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I guess I am a little confused on why they would mail you a check to give to the signer instead of just sending the check to them directly… did I read that correctly. In my limited time experience if something doesn’t feel right…don’t do it. Not worth getting you tied up later in legal action because you were involved. No money is worth jeopardizing your commission


I would charge a standard $150 for that one.

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Clients will occasionally do this, especially for cash out refi’s and certain loan mods. I did several of these for Amrock prior to them going to RON. If the borrower is due funds, and there is no payment preference (ACH/WIRE) form, usually the notary is bringing the check to the table. You get the E-DOCS then the check is overnighted to the notary to bring to the table, as it was an option offered by the lender. Definitely not uncommon (prior to RON). I think the issue here is familiarity/comfortability, (or putting a name to a face.) Meaning, if it was Amrock in this scenario, would he have still questioned it?


Yep, they overnight a check to me in the amount close to a million once to take to my buyer and seller closing, I was so scared of losing it or get coffee on it or something. Lets just say I guarded it with my life! :joy:


I remember my first was a buyer/seller for $400k. I knew it was coming but was afraid to open it when it arrived. Was thinking maybe I should open it at the table? Then I was like, well you need to make sure it’s in there first…lol! Like the Devil/Angel on each shoulder scenario. I called and they said OPEN IT FIRST to verify the amount. It made sense, but didn’t at the same time…lol Oh Lord the stress!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I can almost feel your stress….LOL

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Good to know. I guess I am a little cautious because of the recent scam report that I read where people are selling property that they don’t own with out-of-the-box type transactions.


Yeah you definitely have to be super careful.

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What customer say about them.


Hey Linda! Awesome information…

#1- ok
#2- Will do more research on these.
#3- Texas
#4- ok

Your insight and guidance is golden. Thank you for explaining these important factors, especially the gentleness in delivery. Thank you bunches.

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I will definitely, sift through the wheat. lol. Thank you for the encouragement!

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That was the biggest flag, but per some others testimonials I’m going to proceed. I’m definitely taking @LindaH-FL advance. Thank you as well.

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Very valid points. Insightful! Thank you.

Linda is great in helping keeping our toes point in the right direction for sure!

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