New Forms in packages

I subscribed to Notary Coach (bill Soroka) for 4 years and decided it was time to jump ship because i frankly do NOT have the time for all the videos and the ones on his web site sometimes are too long for me to sift through. His FB is huge now so i was thankful for the mentoring but need something in a different format which I find here.
I’m afraid i’ll miss new updates and the NNA website is NOT helpful. I saw something in their updates that was 2 years old.
So you all probably have discussed this but there are two new forms in loan signing packages. One is the IVES and the other is the new Form 1003. I missed the joint credit initials INITIALLY ( ha ha) and had to go back and get them. the IVES is new as of 2020. It started showing up in my docs about 6 months ago. It verifies the income of the borrower. I think maybe for self employed folks ? Either way i see it every time now. Are there other new docs I don’t know about? I’m in Alabama and have been a notary for 4 years.

To clarify the IVES form is Transcript Request Form used to Verify Income. It is not specific to Self Employed Individuals. It is not present in all the packages that I do. I do not see if in most VA Streamline loans.

I have found the new 1003 Standard Uniform Residential Loan Application or “URLA” is not exactly Uniform and you will see it presented differently based on how many applicants and sometimes it will be presented differently with 2 Signers (depending on how the loan has been processed). As a rule of thumb, if they acknowledge both applicants on the page that calls for initials (look to the right of where they ask for initials for the other borrower) I have both signers initial. It is much clearer as to who signs on the signature lines.


Thanks for the helpful info. have a great day!