New Loan Mods business model

Started taking these again after 2 years of not, to fill in some gaps from the downturn. This time, I schedule them at my office, and stack them on 1 day a week. No prints - only those Fedexed to me - and only those with lead time to schedule. I’m up to 6 a week, all on Fridays. With no out of pocket expense, this method is profitable.

What are some of the companies you get loan modification requests from? I never get requests for these types of signings. Thanks

I did these a few years ago and printing was minimal and pay was great. Don’t get calls anymore for these, but still work with those companies.

FASS has a steady stream. If you aren’t getting notifications for loan mods, call in and ask a scheduler to check that you are set up to receive them. It’s not automatic - you may have to take a training course to qualify.

I am signed up with FASS but i have not received much work since april. I was getting a steady stream of loan modifications which was great but it came to a sudden halt in April. I had a 97% rating in April but I had 3 mistakes which were minor and did not involve borrowers to correct. But because I have not done much in the last 90 days my rating went way down which really stinks. If I got more work from them my rating would have remained at 97% or higher. I am not so sure it is a matter of calling if the stream stopped.