New Loan Signing Agent: NO! to ASAP Signing Services LLC

Hello Everyone, this is my first post as I have taken the time to read several of the more seasoned Notaries information and tips to this business. I have done some research and in my particular area, I am the ONLY loan signing agent within a 30+ mile radius.
I just got my 1st Loan Signing and I can’t be more nervous. It is a sellers package and the address is 8 miles from my home. With that being said, they offered $100 with no scan backs and I know that is kind of low but I do need the practice.
It is for Monday and I asked them to send the loan documents to my email address and it’s Friday. I am nervous that they are going to send them last minute on Monday morning.
I guess my question is…Am I over thinking it?

Hi, if you have taken training for Signing Agent, go back and review the section on a Seller’s package. Either way, my advice to you is to know your State laws on Notarization and follow them, read all of your instructions in your confirmation and loan documents and follow them, review your documents when you get them and pre tag ( with the removal sticker tags), and ask the hiring agency questions about the documents if you are unsure about something. As far as last minute or late docs,that’s common and out of our control, but communication is not. :slight_smile:

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Actually, I think $100 is pretty good for a Seller’s package, especially with no scanbacks. They are usually smaller packages and go quickly. Make sure about witness requirements so you’re not taken by surprise and check whether you can or cannot act as one witness - deeds of conveyance may require witnesses.

Just breathe. Take your time and you’ll be fine.

Best of luck


Thank you. I have the Loan Documents Sourcebook from the NNA and have been studying it for the past 3 months as well as getting/reading tips from some you ladies who are seasoned Notaries. I have 10+ years in Loan Processing but doing Notary is a different beast all in itself.
I just got the Loan Documents from the Title Company this morning and feel much better about getting the package ready for seller to sign.

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I thought the price was fair but was unsure when it comes to different packages. I don’t want to undersell but at the same time I don’t want to miss opportunity to learn so, thank you for the conformation. :slight_smile:
I will look over the deeds of conveyance and thank you so much for the tip and advice. I can’t stress enough of how much it means to me.

Hello, I have been reading on Notary Cafe about that. It is just ashame that Loan Signing Services do that. I have been compiling a list of “bad” Signing Services to NOT accept jobs from. I like many other Notaries like to get paid :wink: My hope is that once I get a few loan signings under my belt and become more comfortable sitting down with clients that I will be marketing directly.
So far this has been the BEST place to really get great advice from and I can only hope to return the favor to the next Notary in need. Thank you all so much for the encouragement.
Once, I get the loan documents printed. I will be reaching out to ensure that I am on the right track with getting them labeled correctly.

You have the background to pull from so trust yourself. You are getting a small package and being paid a great price. I suggest you set up a process that you follow each and every time as you get familiar with the documents. I am that person who follows a system or process on how things are done. The more you do the more often you do it will become second nature. I wish you continued success

Thank you so much! You ladies are just amazing and I really appreciate all of the words of encouragement.

Oh wow! A piece of cake.

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Okay, I have printed to documents and have 4 sellers. I need to make sure all 4 sellers are present at the time of signing, correct?

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Not necessarily…it may be a split signing where everyone signs at different times Not sure of the laws in TN, but here in FL the notarization must be done at time of signing - so if all are not present at the same time, I would have to do a separate notarization for each one as they appear…

Read your instructions from the company - if any questions about who is signing, do not hesitate to contact company and ask them. If you are being expected to travel from one signer to another to another, then the $100 needs to be adjusted upward. In fact, since there are 4 signers, I might just ask for a bump to allow for the time involved - also, IME, each signer should get a copy of the documents (unless, of course, a husband/wife combo is involved) So have sufficient copies and a bump in fee for additional printing.

Just a small friendly tip going forward - you are doing a Seller package so you don’t have any “loan documents” except for the CD

Best of luck,

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Check the order they should tell you who will be present. Or… call them and confirm who will be present

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Yes, it just list 2 of them on the instructions but on the Grand Deed and Homeowner’s Policy it shows:
In witness whereof, the undersigned have executed this document on the date(s) set forth below.
Signer 1
Signer 2
Signer 3
Signer 4

At the bottom it has my notarial acknowledgement. So, I was a little confused by this. I will reach out to the Title Company for clarification. Thank you.

Sounds like the ‘split-sign’ mentioned by LindaH…but it never hurts to get it clarified by hiring party. Note that ‘you do your part’…and leave everything else alone IF you are told to forward the package to another notary who is handling the ‘other end of the split’.

I’ve had ‘newbie notaries’ who have properly completed their end…and then overstepped and made a big X across the notary cert. provided for the 2nd half of the split.

Okay…hang on here - I am really confused now

If you’re only doing the Seller package, why in the world do you have the Homeowner’s Policy?? You should have the Grant Deed only along with the CD and any title affidavits required.

Are you sure you’re only doing the Seller side and you’re not doing both the purchase and the sale? How many pages were in the package? If you’re doing both the Seller package and the purchase loan docs you REALLY need to bump your fee to at least double what you’ve been quoted.

Like I said, based on your statement I’m really confused now so please clarify. TIA

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So am I. I have emailed the Title Company but no response as of yet. There were 84 pages.
Estimated Seller’s Statement
Disbursement of Proceeds/Refunds
Escrow Instructions
Car Acceptance Instructions
Right to Cancel
Grant Deed
Homeowner’s Policy
Real Estate Withholding Statement
Certification of Non-Foreign Status
Home Staging
Hazard Disclosure Statement
Escrow Invoice
Requited Statement Fee’s
Payoff Disbursement
Demand Approval
Loan Payoff Quote
Preliminary Report Approval
Few other misc pages

I see on the Settlement statement that it shows $350 for 2 signings so I think so as well. I’m sorry if this sounds crazy or I may not have read enough but I just fill it out and leave enough room for the 2nd notary to do his/her part?

I was afraid I’d confuse you…and it seems I was right. As there are as many minor variations in docs as there are title co’s, and I can’t see (nor do I want to) either the original order you got OR the docs you have… I’m just going to say read the papers you have and if you get confused, call hiring party for clarification. (Usually, but not always, whoever is supposed to sign the doc’s name is typed under the signature line.) The ‘not always’ usually applies to the gov. forms in a pkg…

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Thank you. This is why experience and really studying each document is so important, there are so many for each state, title company, etc. I really want to be a great Notary and fear I am not up to the “code” between Notaries but I am learning. :slight_smile:

The only docs I question are:

Escrow Instructions … Unless that is how they want their escrow balance returned.
Car Acceptance Instructions
Right to Cancel
Homeowner’s Policy

Now I admit I have been out of signings for several years but have a lot of miles under my belt. But, as Arichter said, companies vary. Just make sure you’re only doing one signing and not two (Seller only as you agreed to as opposed to Seller/Buyer that got snuck in on you). I say this because IME, 84 pages is a very large Seller only package.

Best of luck.

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