New Notary Experience

I am a new Notary and have only been able to get two signings. FASS stated that I must have 2 years experience and Xome basically told me the same. Is there any other companies that are good and provide orders to new notaries. I am signed up with Snapdocs, but they never choose me for assignments. PLEASE HELP!!!

You’ll need to sign up directly with GOOD signing services that don’t use the SnapDocs platform Many still do utilize Notary Café. If you’re in a highly saturated area, it could be a long dry spell as we’re going thru slow times right now.
Yes, I am aware that you’re told to go direct to Title Companies…and that is the best way–ultimately. But, afraid you’ll need to crawl thru SS before you get your feet under you and are experienced/acceptable to TC. Also, do NOT think that working cheap is the solution. All that does is place yourself in the bargain bin and you’ll never get out of it.

You said you’ve gotten 2. It’s a start!

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It took me at least a year to get some signings under my belt. It is a waiting game, but you can go directly to the companies and offer your services. I have a facebook page and I message a quick note to Escrow companies. “Good Morning, my name is and the name of our company and phone number. I’m a Certified Loan Doc…” I only message companies in my area too. It works and you get to know them. Try not to take work from Snap Docs if the price is too low. Let people know your price and stick to it. Good Luck!!!


I am a New Signing Agent as well. I have not received any referrals. I am starting to think that this was not worth my time, efforts and money after I hear the horrible stories about getting paid for the service provided.

What is the going price to charge?

This post and replies has made me feel better. I am in the AZ market and had 0 offers. I have done a ton of leg work and emails calls ect. Some have been nice with advice others not. I understand both reactions. But I am glad I am not alone. I will not give up and glad this is not my sole source of income. Persistence pays off. I have nothing else to do in my spare time so may as well introduce myself and show my enthusiasm and keep on studying and taking different types of courses. All advice has been appreciated (even the somewhat painful ones), but you must have thick skin to make it, I I intend to. Any struggling agents in my area who may wish to get together and trade game plans feel free to contact me anytime! I have already made valuable friendships and future business connections this way ( I hope anyway :slight_smile: thanks for letting me kinda rant. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I am in the se mesa area, gilbert, qc, mesa, ect

Yay 2 signings!! More than me! Doing well, hang in there!