New notary in AZ looking for help

I am currently a notary through my work and I’m considering becoming a NSA part time. I am looking for a mentor if anyone in AZ is interested please let me know. Also, I’ve been hesitant to purchase a NSA certification. I’m not sure what all is best for me to get. On the NNA website they have a package with just the background screen, exam and a listing on their website. The other package includes all of that and a training course and study guide which costs more. Which would you seasoned vets recommend? Because I’m new at this I don’t want to spend a TON of money from the get go.
Thanks for any help!

Yes, you WILL have to pay a “ton of money” (or nearly) to become a NSA. Full training package from either NNA or Notary2Pro or Notary Rotary at a minimum. Then there are equipment purchases, including TWO laser, two-drawer printers. And, while you’re at it, don’t expect a “seasoned” NSA to step forward to mentor you … thus training their competition. In this very tight signing agent environment … not likely to happen.


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Thanks for the info John

I did my training with the “full package” on NNA. It is a couple hundred dollars but it includes listing, your background check, training, and I was sent a book to reference along with the training program. It’s overpriced, but I am glad I bought it still. Good information that is necessary to know going into your first signing. : ) Good luck!

When you say part time does that mean you will keep another job as well? Just starting out in this field you will need to be very flexible. The orders come in quick and if you’re not there to respond they will move on to the next notary. The appointment times aren’t always easy to negotiate. At least not with most signing agencies. Most of your appointments will be early to late evenings and some morning or midday. Saturdays will also be needed. I am never without my phone or laptop because of this process. You will have to stay connected to your phone at all times. You’re welcome to contact me if you would like to talk more. I’m in the Tolleson, AZ area. (623) 340-2144. If you’re local we can even meet for coffee or something.