New NSA! Is it bad to remove yourself from a signing?

Hi! So far I’ve done 7 signings - mostly refi and purchases which I’ve found on snapdocs. What are the repercussions of removing yourself from a signing on snapdocs or in general? Should I be very careful to remove myself? I understand that we are self-employed/contractors, we make the decisions as to whether we will stick to an assignment or not (this is not to say that we negate professionalism & good work ethic). I’ve asked to be removed twice, and very promptly as to not waste the contracting company, lender, and borrower’s time. Is there anything else I should know about removal?

Depends on circumstances. As you say you’re doing this promptly, I have to wonder why you accepted at all and whether you were just trying to buy more time to make a rational decision by ‘accepting’ and then figuring out if you’d made a good or bad decision. Not that I really blame you as SD in particular really doesn’t give enough info or time to do anything but make a ‘snap’ decision. But, do that frequently and your ‘ranking’ will most likely drop.

On the flip side, if you’ve accepted and considerably later the docs come in and you find out it’s a huge package or they now want scanbacks, I’d attempt to re-negotiate the fee (they do, mostly). But if they refused, oh, yeah, they’d get it back pronto. SD does ding for removals…whether you or co. did it. One nasty thing that some co’s do is tell you it ‘cancelled/no ding’, but then enter it as a ‘removal/ding’. There are a few good co’s that use SD, but SD’s extreme use of algorithms encourages game-playing by hiring parties.

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Sorry to say this, but leaving snapdocs was the best thing for me.


Why do you think it is the best thing to leave SnapDocs? Just looking for insight.

My experience is that I’ve been removed from several signing companies due to counter offers and questioning their requirements (i.e. remote notarization requirements in CA, which is prohibited). My assignments would be cancelled and I would never hear from these companies again. But I don’t lose sleep over it.


Low fees I can’t take :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

I’ve been with Snapdocs about 1 week now and have gotten nothing. Can I ask you why you don’t like snapdocs? TIA.


Not right for me. I don’t do low fees. Sorry.


When you decline, check fee too low and submit a counter offer. I have gotten many jobs at my requested fee by doing this. I have been using Snapdocs since 2014 and have been very satisfied with the platform.