New PA signing agent

Hi All,
I just received my PA Notary as well as DE. and I have a couple of questions.

Is there a course online that walks me through the loan signing process?

I have a friend with a title business and he has taken me through a loan package but I need more help in getting comfortable with the docs. He will push business my way but I need more seasoning and I’m trying not to bug him too much.

Should I pay for services or just use the free ones?

Best laser printer?

The best way is to just “Do it” Use the agencies that hire you and call them if you are not sure. Experience is the best way to learn. I love my refurbished hp laserjet 600 m602 printer but its not a scanner. I have one of those.

Be aware…do some research…I believe DE is an attorney-only state…meaning “just-a-notary” can’t do loan signings…must be a licensed attorney.