New printer with all the bells and whistles

I am just thinking out loud here folks. Depending on the age of the printer, have you considered replacing the print drum and toner belt? Drums can be about $30 and a new waste toner box about 60 or less. They are easily replaced. The problem could possibly be a worn-out drum and or waste box. You possibly could have a bad toner unit. I would check those things first. If you have a new toner, try replacing it first. Then you know whether to get the drum and or belt. Drums usually have a life expectancy of about 30,000 pages. A waste toner box might be needed as well. If a repair shop has not considered these items first, but want to sell you an expensive replacement printer, I would look for a different repair shop. Hust my humble opinion.


Are you an NSA (signing agent)? How much Kansas allow notary to charge? In NC notary can only charge $5 per signature.

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Kansas doesn’t have a fee schedule. So we determine our own prices.


Hi, I like that idea. Who do you lease from, and that’s 2,000 pages per month right?

I lease from Premier business technologies the phone number is 886-801-6160.

Yes that’s 2000 copies per month and each copy after the 2000 is one cents each.

There are better leasing deals than that one but that’s the one I had to go with because my credit is not that good.

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Replace the Drum. Do not use the “compatible ones”. I did that and the ink would brush off the paper!! I purchased a brother drum and all the issues were fixed.

I killed too many brother printers. I went to the HP website and plugged in how many pages I need per month and they showed me which printers I needed you can also find them with all the bells and whistles. I bought the HP LaserJet Enterprise m506x which is B&W rated for 20,000 Pages a month and I’ve had it for 2 years no problems. Truthfully, I’ve been in the legal field my entire life and you just can’t beat the HP. Their printers are work horses ask the people that have the older models. The best feature about the newer ones though, is they’re not so damn heavy and I’m 56 years old and I can carry one upstairs. I do buy remanufactured cartridges I do not buy the $300 HP ones. The m506x is now being discontinued and I believe the other one comparable to it is the 507. It’s been my experience that you’re better off buying a separate scanner. I have a small Epson that I carry with me that is battery charged and a larger scansnap that is sheet-fed at home. When you get machines that do too many things you have too many problems. I have had good luck buying remanufactured printers on eBay as well as scanners. Check the feedback and that usually gives you the best results. I got a $600 fujitsu scansnap sheet-fed scanner for $250. It had everything I needed except for the software which you can get online. The guy said it worked, and he said if it didn’t when I got it home that he would take it back and I’ve never had any problems with it.


I have the same brother printer and love it (NOW).
Open toner door, take out toner and find on top
an orange tab
move it back and forth gently several times
when you need to print legal/letter take pdf and
rotate to upside view, then print
I like generic toner and drums on ebay

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While the Xerox VersaLink B405 sounds like the best deal overall, I have moved from the brother a faster 6200. I change the drum and that resolves ink dirt. You can check the life of your printer parts by going to the printer settings. As detailed previously, the drum and toner can be purchased ridiculously cheap via Amazon. I only had one bad drum that can be returned.
Your printer for 1800 has all the bells and whistles but color is not necessary in Virginia so printer will be the Xerox or whatever model is available at that time. Great question and great responses. So much value here.

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I have thought about leasing. What company is it you receive your lease? What printer do they give you? I need to get my copies to one cent per page of less.

Cancel my request for the name of the printer company because you already posted this here. Thank you very much.

I have been looking for an HP site like you describe for a very long time. Will you please tell me where that is?

For a long time I have held the Brother 5200/.6200 is the best notary printer.

Why do you recommend rotating to “upside view” (whatever that is…)?

Go to the website and go to printers, Laser Printers, and look at all of them and then change the filters to what you want. Black and white will be the fastest.

When I first got the printer (it is a dual tray) it would not mix letter/legal size pages.
Had to separate letter/legal into 2 files and print each with paper change. I found on this
msg board the tip that Brother and Windows 10 had this quirk.

Go to view and rotate (turn) page so that it displays the page upside down and then print.
Works like a charm.

Also, it never hurts to do a re-install of the Brother software. Get the latest from the Brother website.

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Questions to ask is how much is your toner, and how many copies do you get out of it. I have the hp479dw and it’s great in its printing/scanning. However the toner kicks my butt. I only get 3k out of a small toner of $90 for the high yield toner I get 7,500 for $184. I can not use other toners because hp was smart to put a chip so you could not use knock off brands. Now I have tried knock off where I have to change the chip over but all that happens is the printer locks up after every print job and it’s a PIA!! I’m so glad I saw you your posting because I was thinking of getting the brother. There are 3 notaries in the company and we average about 10k prints a month. I did look into a printer company but I would pay for the printer but then I’m only allowed 3k a month and .45 for each print sheet thereafter. There has to be something out there for us without being a prisoner to the chip toner cartridge. Be advised Canon chips their cartridges too.

Irish, if you down load the Adobe Pdf reader and use that to print from you simply select pdf size select and it will change between dual trays while printing no need to change anything upside down. You will have to click off save toner that prints lighter and I usually use that for copies for signers but normal print for docs I turn in.

I bought my printer fm RJ Young for $818. Having issues with them right now because I need a heavy duty scanner for our jobs. We are working to upgrade that. Otherwise it is dual tray high quality laser printer. I do about 12 jobs a month averaging 150 pages. I have a services contract that is $25 a month that covers all issues and replaces toner when needed. It is a color printer but I do not use the color because there is a service charge to print some many color copies and I don’t require them. If they compensate me for the color and upgrade my scanner I will be in heaven.

What type of toner are you using? I have an awesome brother printer that does the same thing, but only when I use knock off toner that’s more affordable. I started taking the toner cartridge out prior to printing for the day, shaking it side to side for about 20 seconds (outside because ink specs will fall to the floor), and put it back in the printer. It prints fine after that.