New printer with all the bells and whistles

I have recently began to experience problems with my brother 6200dtw. The quality of my documents are beginning to have ink specks on them and its constantly having issues. And I have changed out many of its major components,.I reached out to a copier company and they are offering me a printer, copier, b&w and color, Fax and scanner in it. The cost of the machine hower is $1800 but will do everything that I need it to. I am doing around 7 to 9 signings a week that are ranging in difference from color to b&w and around 100 to 174 pages each, not including the copy for the borrower. On average my signings are at a minimum $175 to $250. Is this purchase a good one or should I look at other options. I plan on doing notaries for about 5 more years and was wondering if this purchase is worth the payoff. Please help me as I am an experienced notary but just stuck on what to do.

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You said that printer cost $1800. It costs $319 at Brother website. Don’t get scammed.

I do 6-12 signings per day, I only use the old HP 4000 & HP 4050 printers. Love them. Go on 20 years at this.

Not the current brother printer that I have. This is for a completely different printer that costs 1800. My brother printer has began to print with specks of black ink on my documents. That’s why I want to replace it.

what model printer do they want to replace it with?

Hi Stacey: I have the HP Laser Jet P3015 and I do 6-10 signings per week with an average packet being 130 pages each. The toner cartridge has a capacity of 8,000 sheets per and the toner costs about $165. The printer sells on Amazon for about $1300 new, but I got mine from Amazon’s refurbished partner for $380. At 8,000 sheets per toner cartridge and an average of 130 sheets X2 per signings I get about 30 signings per toner cartridge or on average 1 toner cartridge per month. At that pace, (and I don’t get $175 per signing, can’t wait till I do) with my average pay being $100 per signing the printer brings in $3K per month and dividing the $380 cost over a year or by 12 = $31 a month. Add the cost of the toner at $165 per month and the cost of the printer is about $196 per month to bring in $3K per month. I hope this analysis helps. BTW, this is a B&W only printer, I didn’t know that some packets require color?

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BTW, Stacey, what state are you in and have you been a notary for a long time? I’m curious to know how I can get $175 per signings?


I am also curious how you can get $175-$225 per signing? What is the secret?


I’m in the state of Kansas. Where I am there are not a lot of Notaries but I’m near a military post and kansas state university. There have just been a lot of signings coming my way and the 23 companies that I work with know that my work is exceptional. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now. Thanks for the tip on the printer.


I would like to know that too

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You should lead look into leasing your printer. The lease will cover you for any mechanical issues. They will come out and fix your problems at no cost to you. I pay $126 a month to lease and any pages over 2000 I paid one cents per page


I guess it’s true what they say about Real Estate which is Location, Location, Location! LOL. That plus your exceptional work equals a gold mine!! Congratulations to you!


I had the same experience with Brother 6200… 2 other Brothers as well. I am now on my second printer HP MFC Laserjet Enterprise. The 2 year old one was M506 which still works, but is a bit loud lol. My newest one is M507 HP Same Laserjet Enterprise. I paid 800 ish for each of them. I do 950 signings a year and found it EXTREMELY valuable and worth the extra money. Those black flecks on the Brothers drove me crazy. I got both from Amazon but can’t find them anymore. Go to the HP site and order. You can use a HP chip for the 507 after your 150 HP ink cartridge runs out. Runs about 50 ish from Amazon. Don’t lose the chip. lol . Also if you don’t get the 3rd tray, you can buy it supposedly as an add on. Good luck

Hello Stacey,

I too have left Brother behind. Recently, I purchased a lease-return Xerox VersaLink B405 with additional tray. This model prints, copies, scans, emails in B&W. It also prints from a thumb drive and my Android phone. My cost was $600; new units are not much more.

The point that sold me on this machine was the service contract which includes all toner, drums, maintenance, repairs if damaged. The contract is $25 per month. Yes, $25 with all toner included.

It is performing well and print quality is 4 times better than my Brother printers ever provided.



Did you move the little lever back and forth to clear the toner thingamagigerbobber? I have a similar brother model and I have to do that sometimes. Also using the air in a can and spraying it out helps too. Has cleared mine right up a few times.

This sounds nice - where did you buy from that includes a service contract?

Ft Leonard wood? Do u get lots of snow and how is it like driving?

Not sure what type of printer they are selling you but a brand new Brother 6200 at Staples is $219.00. The $1800.00 price tag is a little steep for what you are doing.

Hi!!! You will need to replace the drum! This will take care of the specks. Look for a compatible generic one in Amazon! I change my drum in my Brother L5800 every 2-3 months… I print between 8-12 packages weekly. I’m sure this will solve your issue. I buy two in a box for $52.00 / 2 = $26.00 per drum. Below link… even cheaper!
Toner Bank Compatible Drum Unit Replacement for Brother DR820 DR-820 DR 820 for Brother MFC-L5850DW HL-L6200DW HLL6200DW L6200DW MFC-L5900DW MFC-L5700DW HL-L5200DW L5200DWT HL-L6200DWT Drum Unit 2PK

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check for any drums and ink

I have always used commercial copies like the one you describe. I gave up on ink about 20 years ago. This sounds like a deal to me. My latest purchase is HP’s top of the line commercial copier for $4,000. My word of caution however is DO NOT enter into a service plan. They make them sound good but they are a huge expense in the end.

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