New So Cal Loan Signing Agent


I am a new loan signing agent. I got my first assignment through snapdocs, for a signing tomorrow night. I am quite nervous even though I have passed the NNA loan signing course and exam. Is there anyone in the area that would be able to help/mentor me?

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Mimi Shin

Hello ,

Just go slow, read the pages prior you meeting with your clients, you don’t have to be nervous! After everyone signs go back to the dcs and reviewed it.
Did I made any sense? Hope this help.

You will do fine. Get copies of ID’s. Tell the signers they must sign as the signature is printed- May contradict how they normally sign (too bad). Be nice, but firm. Triple check everything before you leave.

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Try to see what the each page is all about, read slowly to familiarize with that pages. GOOD LUCK

Hi. On your response of “get copies of I d.'s” do you mean actually taking a copy of their i.d.'s, or just checking their i.d.'s"? Thank you for your reply!

Some lenders require an actual scanned copy of the ID be returned in the loan documents. It should be called out on your order confirmation or in the loan package under notary instructions.

Compare this moment to skydiving. All the training is a waste of time unless you’re willing to jump out of the plane.

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Getting paid by signing services is like jumping out of the plane not knowing who packed the chute.